Getting Ready for Bundesliga

  • So not too long 'til the weekend and a bit of footie. I have just bought my last Bundesliga player tonight. My BL players as follows:

    Timo Werner - Had for a while now and in good profit and divs.
    Nico Elvedi - Bought for Cap App
    Sebastian Andersson - Bought for IPD in Feb will top up again soon
    Ludwig Augustinsson - Think I foolishly got pumped and bought
    Jean-Paul Boetius - Bought when drunk, maybe another pump
    Edimilson Fernandes - Bought with euros in mind so will need to hold
    Jhon Cordoba - Bought today.

    Any thoughts?

  • @Kipper72 Been looking at Sebastian Andersson think he could be good value at 66 pence likely to get a few goals might be buying in next few days

  • There is plenty to chose, I just stick to the players from top teams/teams with the easiest run of games:
    Nkunku, Schick
    Skov, Neuhaus
    Havertz, Bailey

  • Mark Uth joined Koln from Schalke in Jan attacking Mid played in all 7 of their matches since and has either scored or assisted in all 7 .I hold

  • @Kipper72 edimilson fernandes at his price is a great hold, shame euros cancelled as he would have had a good spike, back from injury and the rest will have done him some good. Hoping for good game this weekend

  • Chris Trimmel anyone?!

    I’ve bought half a dozen or so players that you’ve never heard of. Cheapos who I pray to God get back from 35p to 68p or whatever they were. Jorge Mere, Ihlas Bebou, Marius Bulter, Marcus Ingvartsen, Nico Schulz, Sven Bender, Lucas Alario (You’ve heard of the last few).

    Don’t let me down boys. We’ve been waiting for this moment... actual football. 10% in IPD please and 50% cap app minimum. Don’t let me down!

  • Ginter is only 70p and German team defender...good PB scores.

  • @Kipper72

    Werner, likely to score a few, good chance of PB and resulting opportunity for MB given continued links to Liverpool although possibly second to Sancho.
    Value in Elvedi
    Augustinsson - will be sold if Bremen go down, Swedish International, 25 years old but has been a little injury prone
    Fernandes - injury has kept price suppressed, think he will rise just by playing
    Cordoba - good IPD hold but be ready for exit point on spike

    Looks decent to me (I hold Werner and Augustinsson).

  • Fingers crossed it goes alright without major hiccups.
    If the Germans have problems in bringing football back safely then we are royally fucked over here.

  • @PaulM
    Christopher Trimmel has had an excellent season for Berlin. He features in the Whoscored Bundesliga Team of the Season (to date) with an average score of 7.2.

    I've thought about buying him on several occasion but have been put off by his age. At 33, there's no value in him beyond IPDs but, even then, with the current spreads as they are it's coming be difficult to shift him at the end of the 30 days or at the end of the season. You'll be left having to IS for a loss.

  • Under £1 players you won’t go far wrong with Uth, Kainz and Dabbur.

  • @Vaughany

    Yes, Trimmel is the wise old owl of my purchases. I wanted to buy a motley crew for IPD on top of what I already have. Most of the others I’d like to think that there’s growth to peak more than once (Always try to buy players for multiple reasons). I just wondered if BL might be the only league to thrive even when we get up and running again in Aug/September. So like I say, they could peak again (Optimisic?!) but market will be less saturated if other leagues are on. Some novice like me might buy him in a few months though just like I have so you never know!

    Cheers and good luck!

  • @ZakStag Not sure I agree on Uth given that he's now classed as a midfielder since football stopped so winning PB will be harder. Could be a decent IPD hold if he continues scoring but again the timing of the exit will be key.

  • @PaulM
    Hey, I'm not knocking Trimmel or any of your other holds mate. Far from it. Bundesliga looks like the only game in time for a while so every chance a couple of those will spike if they get a goal/assist/decent PB score.

    And with Trimmel, in the short term, you might do very well out of him, he's got 9 assists already in the Bundesliga this season so good chance for IPDs. Just about timing your exit really.

  • @Harford-is-God said in Getting Ready for Bundesliga:

    @ZakStag Not sure I agree on Uth given that he's now classed as a midfielder since football stopped so winning PB will be harder. Could be a decent IPD hold if he continues scoring but again the timing of the exit will be key.

    That isn’t ideal for him, however Köln have fantastic fixtures. In his last 5 games he has scored 210, 169 and 163 with no GWGs. So he’s certainly got the PB capability. A bit more luck with the GWGs and he’s in with a chance for sure, I think there’s good value there.

  • 0_1589299335844_53303A64-205A-4A82-A7E3-C3882862AE43.jpeg

    Superb news!!!

  • @ZakStag he also is on set pieces if I’m not mistaken. With so few fixtures on scores around 200 u will be in with a shout for position and I suspect around 220 for star man ofc it’s situational. He is defo in with a shout in fact I wouldn’t say there many around his price who have such a good chance tbh. I know this isn’t the same but Alphonso is around 4 quid and I think may have one score over 200 and everyone thinks he’s a pb threat

  • German CV infection rate has tripled today ,how will this affect the Bundesliga it seems their herd is not immune and they may have only delayed the inevitable? Sell,sell,sell?

  • @NewUser65276

    Their R rating is up from 1.07 to 1.13. Not sure it’s time for panic stations yet.

    Believe it or not herd immunity comes from people actually catching the virus and becoming immune to it. So if they want to develop a herd immunity, a lot more people will need to catch it.

  • @ocs123

    Merkel said a R rating of over 1 will overwhelm German hospitals and see scenes similar to what we have witnessed in Italy and Spain,luckily our government protected our NHS and we had beds to spare,not sure where this leaves the Bundesliga? A tripling of the infected rate today will set alarm bells ringing,maybe the Premier League will be back first and our government policy on containment prove will prove to have been the best? Our R rate is below 1 and cases of infection reducing.

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