24 Hours and 7 Day figures are incorrect

  • Hi,

    Does anyone have an issue on their portfolio screen with the figures for "24 hours" and "7 Day" values showing as incorrect? The "Current" value is correct however.

    It seems to have been wrong for weeks now and is always showing me values higher than what it should be.

    I have reported the issue to FI, was just wandering if its just me or its a global thing.


  • Same. Its been that way for months. I emailed FI but no reply.

  • Been wrong for ages with me too, emailed them and said it's something they're aware of and will be working on it...
    Always keep a record myself but really needs to be fixed, another of these annoying things that friends point out straight away (many others!).

  • Mine has been out since the 3rd of April. Not sure if this was caused by a deposit the day before or the double dividends promotion ending. Those double dividends weren't credited as dividends or bonus and I suspect that they are the cause of this.

  • @Neil2265 That word of mouth is really important. Friends at work used to show me how there acca had just missed out by 1 game and how unlucky they were to lose that £10 bet.

    I would then show them my portfolio being 17k up, or my latest dividends payout, but in future when they say "wow!, your £900 up in a day" I need to say "actually that is a glitch, ignore that, I am £50 up". Doesn't inspire confidence!!

  • @Martyn-B Agreed, Im apparently 15.55% in 24hours. I wish!!

  • @Martyn-B yeah agreed all these little things add up and put people off.
    Rooney while playing in America was still down as Manchester United, already on FI you accept it but looking from the outside doesn't inspire confidence and trust in what they're doing.

  • Yep same for me. I've emailed a few times, I think it's been incorrect ever since double divs promotion but could be wrong. I take a screen shot each day just to keep a rough eye on what I'm up or down

  • I wished they'd just remove the 7 day and 24hr totals to be honest as there's so many differentials that tie into them over a short space of time, it's not surprising they're not totally accurate. I would suggest that if people really want to know, then keep track of it yourself on a detailed spreadsheet or something.

    I guess unless you're a quick flipper or someone who's regularly trading and buying different players daily or weekly, what purpose do the 7 day and 24hr figures serve anyway; especially when the all time P/L figure is correct (and that's the main one for all of us).

    Personally I notice which of my players have gone up or down over a short period by monitoring my portfolio and I'm only really interested in what my overall profit and loss figure is, which is accurate (as I also keep a simple record of this manually).

    The only figure I ever look it now is the all time P/L figure and percentage and from that itself you can see how much your profit and percentage has gone up or down over a 7 day or 24hr period by keeping a very simple mental note in your head or on your phone (i.e. compared to yesterday's or last weeks overall P/L I have gone down £*** pounds and **%)

  • Mine has always been spot on, but I have seen many saying it doesn't for them. I track my port on a spread sheet and use roi and now irr.

    See in the tracking part of this:

    Can download the spreadsheet from the Trading Checklist page.

    Edit.... sorry, just saw you specifically said the 7 day and 24 hr, I ignore them, and no way can be bothered to work them out to compare, I just use the all time figure which is always matched by my own calcs.

  • Ive never really had much of an issue with the 24hr but the 7day has never been right for as long as i can remember, i honestly never really look at the 7 day at all. As for the 24hr i only check to see if its green or blue at a glance and thats it.

  • Yeah been wrong for me too

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