GK now show as GK and not DEF?

  • Am I going mad, were keepers not shown as DEF and not GK under their description?

    If not and they always been shown as GK then, yeah im going mad.

  • @Millerman when I held some I thought they were always GK not DEF but I could be wrong

  • I'd like to think there was summit in this as a de Gea holder but if u type into the search bar the name of any forward they will be classified as FWD in a red box, type any mid, and you'll see MID in a blue box, and if you search any defender or GK they will be classified as either DEF or GK, but both are in a green box which makes me think they are still in the same pool for PB purposes. As for whether they were previously called defenders, I cant remember

  • I didn't think much of this at the time, but seeing GK in the blue box didn't look right.
    I don't suppose anyone has a screenshot of a previous ranking week to see if they were classed as Defenders? Thanks.


  • I could be very wrong but I’m convinced it was GL before at least on the iPhone app.

  • I've dropped FI an email before I go on a GK buying frenzy.
    It just didn't look right and I remembered @Millerman had mentioned something so I dug out the post.

  • There it is in green, on what I believe is the new app.


  • Getting excited over nothing.


  • Would be a nice change in future tho, have FI ever mentioned having separate GK dividends?

  • @inoffthepost
    Think it would be really tricky to have their own category. On game days when there was one or two games you'd have a 1/2 or 1/4 chance of receiving GK Divs.
    Something needs to be done.
    Whether it's a tweak to the matrix to make them more competitive with defenders or some other idea.
    It's a Football Index where GK have very little value.

  • @Dronny-Gaz perhaps GK's could only be eligible for dividends on gold days at a reduced payout compared to DEF/MID/FWDs.

  • Gk's get 1p dividends per clean sheet.
    Keepers like mat sels were a good hold as he'd only have a 1 or 2p spread he was under 30p , when Strasbourg had 5,6 fixtures in 30 days he was ok for IPD'S then you could market sell as hed rise or drop 1 or 2p ( as if people in the know were buying and selling at different times).
    Not many people paid much attention to GK clean sheets.
    Problem with Order books coming and the big spreads they aren't worth holding now unless they have a category where you can get dividends on silver, gold days.
    People moan that it'll be between 8 players but that's no different if Neymar or messi or TAA are all playing they potential would wrap up a bronze silver day....
    Goalkeepers are invested in so need to be used.

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