Under 80p bundesliga thread.

  • Perisic- 76p 9 starts 4 goals and 3 assists. Won pb on a gold day already this season and back from injury. With Coutinho and tolisso our more opportunities to play and has been on good form this season previous peak of 89p almost guaranteed ipds if he plays.

    Alario 71p 9 starts 6 goals and 1 assist previous peak of around 86p from memory. Volland injured so could start and they have a single match day coming up so chance for ipds/ divs.

    Already mentioned kainz on another thread so 10 starts 2 goals and 6 assists was on a hot streak of form pre covid.

    Get your suggestions I’m below as I know this is antra of the market people are interested in ⚽️⚽️⚽️ btw I’m talking about pb divs and ipds something some of u may not have even seen yet lol. 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Gregoritsch -- 60p

    Super wild punt but I liked what I've seen since he moved to Schalke. Won PB on a bronze day and he's my IPD/CA punt for the next month or so

  • Christian Gunter (63p). No PB wins to date but has reasonable PB avg/max of 101/209. Always good for IPDs too if that's your thing. 7 assists and 2 goals from LB/LWB this year and takes set pieces.

  • My holds in this category are:

    Keanan Bennetts (not likely to be playing)

    Mostly quite small holds but could be a few IPD ops in there over the next few weeks and maybe the odd PB.

  • Willi Orban (63p) - RB Leipzig and Hungary.
    Out long term injured until end of May (not sure on return date) so one of the few players to have benefited from leagues being suspended. Club captain. Scores a few goals per season and challenges PB when he does. Only played 9 games this season and won gold defender once (Edit - wasn't called gold then, full Saturday matchday and won 5p). Also scored 2 for Hungary in a game before qualifiers counted towards dividends.

  • Matthias Ginter

    Borussia Mönchengladbach defender.
    First choice centre back (plays 90 mins consistently).
    Should get Champions League or Europa League next year unless BM implode.
    Looks like he is first choice currently for Germany.
    Links to move to Tottenham and Arsenal last year.

    PB average/max 102/300.


  • @Jdog Agree with you on Alario represents great value

  • If somebody buys my Cantwells so I can load up I've got a shit hot tip for yas 😂

  • I’m going to stop short of shamelessly promoting every player that I’ve got who fits into this category. I originally ended up with a lot of Bundesliga players by accident more than design but have rounded up a few more for some IPD action and hopefully some profit... or to watch them sit on the bench!

    Highlights include Jeremiah St. Juste, Sven Bender, Marko Grujic, Jorge Mere and about half of the Union Berlin (Flatlines!) squad. Usual theory applied, they were higher in price so I’m backing them to get back there. If somebody in this category strings together a few goals, assist or clean sheet and you claw 10% back then you’re well on your way.

    Good luck folks. Bring on some actual football!

  • I’m guessing most of us have already topped up our picks, but mine in this category are (I’ve mentioned them all previously)-

    Gunter - recent attacking full back
    Jedvaj - young due back to Leverkusen next season and Euros
    Hubner - old but solid defender won PB this season and has a goal in him
    Steffen - my favourite, good aged winger first choice for club and country won PB this season

  • @MickTurbo this is a pump/ de pump

  • @MickTurbo Have you lost faith in Cantwell then? Had a great season and I can imagine that he will be on the shopping list of many given that the transfer window will be quite different this time and more 'local' shopping likely given the issues with travel/scouting etc.

    I don't hold yet but his price is at the attractive stage, will drop further if the EPL doesn't restart.

  • @Vaughany sort of player who will challenge for pb during this period of just bundesliga games

  • @Jdog
    I hope so pal. I've held him for some time now (since November) and after a rise, a fall and then another rise, I'm at about break even now price-wise. I did get a few nice IPDs from him initially but for his price to really go anywhere he needs to win some PB divs (or transfer to a bigger club). Going to keep him for now and see what the next 6 months brings,

    Ps. Good shout with Kainz. I nearly bought in before his massive spike but didn't so I'm still kicking myself on that one!

  • @Vaughany I think kainz has still got another 20% and some ipds tbh. Yh hope it goes well for u mate

  • @Harford-is-God haven't lost faith mate, he remains a good young player with a great chance of a move to a bigger club but I just want to put the money elsewhere for now. Neither @Jdog

  • My punt is Sergio Cordova, who is a forward at £0.39. Yes, he has not played much due to injury this season and this is why his price is so low. Will be great on IPDs and since Augsburg have not been scoring much surely he will get few starts .

  • Edimilson fernandes could have an outside chance bar the obvious ones below... only £0.52

    Coming back from injury and hopefully the break has done him some good..

    23, regular starter... pb has not been good previously but if he starts games again he has potential.

  • Bought these two with media divs weeks ago
    As you can see, they were mega purchases and are making me a fortune :-)

  • Dabbur is another cheap punt at 66p

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