• Anyone see Dendoncer as a good investment. Rumours of a transfer to premier league in the summer.

  • @NewUser96178 depends who he is linked with. I've only really seen him mentioned about West ham and from experience the hammers don't tend to bring a huge rise. You may get up to a quid or something possibly.

  • I bought 10 futures about a week ago.
    Good player and their were reports today Anderlecht would be selling in the summer.
    Should make the Belgian World Cup squad but probably won't see much game time

  • @NewUser96178 apologies it looks like there's a few links to Liverpool and spurs so you never know. The most important factor is that there are rumours which always means a price rise.

  • Couple of tepid links to Utd and Watford last window i believe. Wouldn't be surprised if he rocked up in the prem soon.

  • Personally i find players out with the top 5 leagues to high a risk, especially the younger ones, literally everyone has bought into the entire Ajax team all there prices are well over deflated gambling on a transfer to England , no way are they selling there entire team. At least with buying a player with transfer spec already here, he still qualifies for PB if the transfer dont come off

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