Weston McKennie

  • I understand it’s a strange time at the moment but hopefully we will get football back on Saturday. To that point I have invested 500 shares in Weston McKennie when he was 84p. Currently up to 94p. He looks a class act in my opinion and was wondering/hoping for a big rise in price in the coming weeks. He was class in his last game against Hoffengeim and scored too. Looks built for the Premier League. What are people’s thoughts on him? Good buy? See potential?

  • Invested very similar time to you at 85p. Still young and a regular first teamer. PB scores need to improve but that could easily happen this/next season. Agree he’s a very good player and should be a long term hold with the World Cup in 2 years time for USA.

  • @El-PIbe-10 I think so. Have been hovering on him sinc Bundesliga shut down and whilst he was relatively stable, jumped in at early signs of recent spike (0.86 I think). Has stated future ambition is to join PL.

    Looks a good 3 year bet to me. This might be a bit pie in the sky, but I suspect North American players will become more fashionable (for largely commercial reasons) as we creep slowly closer to WC 2026. Hence by 2023, along with the other obvious factors, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t appreciate well.

  • 144 PB base today (roughly) in a 4-0 loss away to a top team. Mightily impressive!

  • @OldhamSam im new to this but do you think he can make it to the £2.00 tag?

  • @NewUser607540 long term definitely yes.

    He is still young and a regular for a very decent team in Germany. A PB win (or even challenging for it) before this season is over should see another rise and he has stated he wants to play in the PL so if that happens he will definitely rocket. Underpriced currently at £1.03.

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