HWAH Pod Guest Announcement 🚀

  • This week I’m joined by Roverindexer🎙

    ▪️Predominately trades elite youngsters
    ▪️Trading for 6 months
    ▪️Feels FI has helped with problem gambling

    Post some questions/topics for us below and we’ll try get around to them 🙌🏼

  • Have fun trying to keep him on track! Had to block him in the end of Twitter so much repetitive crap posted every 10 minutes; so certainly not going to ask him any questions.

    I might well listen though 👍

  • Who does he think the main 3 elite young players are at the moment? How far does he back them? Long term? As soon as they make the first team? When they transfer?

  • What makes a youngster elite? How long before you decide they are more Ravel Morrison than Wayne Rooney?

  • @IRISHFI In terms of problem gambling, there is no doubt FI is a good alternative but does he foresee any downsides? For example, FI is live 24/7 which is both an advantage and disadvantage. Does he feel FI could become addictive for some?

  • Banned

    I think it could be worse for problem gambling. Some people here are way over-exposed, and put far more in than they ever would into sky bet for instance. How does he see the impact of this?

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