Pjanic to Barcelona

  • Nothing new here, there's been plenty of rumours.

    But they seem to be getting stronger & stronger with a deal apparently close.

    This has resulted in a price surge for Pjanic & he's currently top of the risers in the squad list.


    Which brings me to this guy.



    22 years old & the guy who has stood in for Pjanic to play the Sarri-ball PB roll when Pjanic has been unavailable.

    He's already proved he's great a PB when he plays - these stats will only improve with greater time spent as being the hub of Sarri's team.


    I can't see why the dots aren't being joined by the savvy, & why this guy isn't getting the rise on the back of this Pjanic move?

    The potential 'order book' announcement, or a Juventus move for Jorginho perhaps? 🤔

    Anyway, I'm in. 👍

  • I’m a holder and I really like the look of Bentancur. Encouragingly it doesn’t appear to be a case of Pjanic or Bentancur for the minutes at Juve and they have started a number of games together due to his versatility. While he had more limited minutes at the start of the season, with Khedira being favoured, Rodrigo has been somewhat of a mainstay and has continued to improve.

    Looking at his last 10 games, he has started 9 with 1g 2a and a whoscored rating of 7.4. While he hasn’t reached those stellar PB scores yet, he’s still only 22 and his game fits the matrix so I think they’ll come.

    He did see a decent rise during the DB but this has tailed off slightly so there’s plenty of room for growth and he’s miles off peak. With all the attention on the BL starting this weekend I’d imagine he’s just not necessarily on everyone’s radar yet but as Serie A moves closer go restarting and the Pjanic news gathering traction I think it’s only a matter of time.

    DYOR but with Pjanic either leaving or starting to age out at the very least this guy looks to be the main man for a team that will be challenging for/winning the league year in year out and going deep in the CL.

  • @Ericali is the 149 a PB stat??
    I never realised where they got these numbers from. Cheers for the info if it is

  • @Doug-s yeh, that's his 'average PB' over the last 3 months.

    You have peaks & troughs but generally, Bentancur is a player who scores highly when he plays.

  • I really like him as a player and he’s been on my watch list for months.
    The one thing I’d be thinking is a drawback is Sarri’s constantly being linked with a move for Jorginho and it’s not an impossible move to see happening

  • @Ericali sweet as 👌

  • @Doug-s its his average for 4 games, you can change to 6 mth and/or 12 mth for more longer term view

  • I remember I saw him play for the first time at the world cup I think, and I was really impressed. Pretty sure his PB scores have been quite a bit higher when he's played instead of Pjanic so could be an ideal replacement. Apparently Juve are going to add a salary cap for next season which massively rules out their chance of a lot of signings

  • Alot of Man utd links aswel surprise surprise.

  • No brainer at that price point. Thanks for the pump ;)

  • 0_1589369792937_Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 12.36.04.png

    Could be a PB beast in the making. Hit a 223 score in Feb

  • Interesting conundrum. Bentancur looks a great price IF Juve don't sign a replacement for Pjanic.

    I've read that from next season, Juve's salary cap means that they will hand out contracts worth a maximum of €9million (£7.9m) a year, which works out at around €173,000 (£151,000) a week. I've tried to find out what Jorginho's current salary is but only found an article from a year ago stating he is on £150k a week.

    Anyone able to confirm or clarify Jorginho's current arrangement? I'm very tempted by Bentacur but still hesitant as, like @Gregolocky has stated, there are the links between Sarri and Jorginho and they might be able to offer him something that falls inside/under the cap.

  • @Vaughany But Bentancur can also play a box to box type role not just a holding midfielder and the two are compatible.

    Sarri also seem to trust him and he was playing a lot more towards the end and with all the rotation thats was going on he was the one keeping his place

  • @JB
    I don't disagree with any of that, I'm sure both can play in the same team.

    At the moment, my reluctance stems from the fact that they would be competing against each other for Midfielder PB divs, which is not ideal.

    If they don't sign Jorginho (or another midfielder) then Bentacur looks great value as he'll have little competition. You'd think he'd be top PB midfielder for Juve on a regular basis - Cuadrado listed as a midfielder but plays more defensive role this days, Rabiot out of favour/unsettled, Dybala/Ronaldo listed as forwards, Pjanic going?, Ramsey going?, Matudi getting on/rotation, Bernadeschi listed as a forward, Douglas Costa rotated, Khedira leaving/retiring?

  • @Vaughany Ok I see I wasn't looking at it from that perspective

  • @JB
    I'm only looking at it from a short-term perspective to be honest mate.

    Regardless of the Jorginho situation, if you look at it with a longer term view, it's hard to argue that Bentacur won't be worth a lot more than £1.38 in 1 to 2 years. He's young and he'll be coming into his prime as the next World Cup comes into view. A decent hold.

  • @Vaughany Jorginho prefers to play under Frank than Sarri, Jorginho is adored by the Chelsea fans, Frank adores Jorginho.

    I would write some detailed post about it but that's the short version stranger things have happened but I don't think it is likely unless Gilmour continues to perform and in which case Chelsea won't sell for a while as it will be Jorginho/Gilmour rotating.

    Think your fine in regards to Jorginho if that was the only thing holding you back.

    Full disclosure i hold Jorginho.

  • Pjanic ----> Chelsea
    Jorginho-----> Juve apparently

  • Just seen on twitter Pjanic, De Sciglio and €25 million for Nelson Semedo?!

  • @ChazFI123
    What?!?!? Any links?
    As a Semedo and De Sciglio holder, this is very interesting.

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