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    Just thinking, very rare you see 'bad buys' as we all like to spaff all over the amount of money we make. Well sometimes we don't.....

    I went in big on 2 Man City players 1st of Jan and they have been shite. Whilst 4 other of my buys are losing bits.

    I have no doubt that I will wipe my feet on the City lads, but have no doubt bought them at a peak.

    The others - well, I dunno - may as well wait to see what happens when football starts to get normal, which may be a year away or so?

  • @Millerman I have anywhere from 10-20% of my port in the red at any one time 🤷‍♂️.
    Confident they’ll have their day in the sun too though 👍🏻

  • @Millerman have you been topping up on Sterling and KDB to lower average buy price or do you prioritise spending elsewhere?

  • @Millerman Sterling and De Bruyne are great holds. If you had bought at the peak on a cap app player with a low likelihood of dividends then yes it can be quite worrying but buying players who are always in contention for dividends in a growing market doesn’t result in a bad trade unless you sell before you have made a profit

  • Have to agree that sterling and KDB are still decent holds.
    Sterling will come good soon ... he has too as he is that good and has a very bright future and Kdb will also when football eventually resumes, he surely will stringtogether some decent pb scores again and rise gradually. He is defo a victim of no football as he has very little Mb appeal.
    The one there that I would shift is Jorginho ... reckonhe is gradually gonna be phased out for Kovavic and can’t see him making much cap appreciation if he moves on from Chelsea with the potential midfield competition upcoming at Chelsea. They are fairly stacked with quality upgrades incoming too.

  • @inoffthepost have not topped up yet - been tempted a few times - but both players are players I have in my top 10 players for the Euro 2021, so even though its not a great trade NOW, it will be in a year and a half when the platform has grown even more.

    Luckily I am not needing cash now, so I am happy to wait for at least 1 big spike to either wipe my feet or leave to make some pennies.

  • @Millerman KDB and Sterling will come good, Messi you are in profit( i hold at a slightly lower price than you and will be keeping until football resumes as Barca have some good fixtures left), Sensi difficult one to predict competition + injury could see him moved on but again think at that price with that small holding it's a fine trade.

    Jorginho fine again, i hold myself either he stays at Chelsea which is very likely given Frank adores him and so do the Chelsea fans and he has spoken about how he prefers to play under Lampard rather than Sarri given he has extra freedom if he does return to Juve he will gain fair more PB and will look like a good trade imo if he stays and Chelsea hit form which given the huge amount of injuries and the 2 month break so far is likely again. Only issue i have with Jorginho is not Kovacic as Frank has not played him all that much despite him being our best player it is Gilmour. Gilmour in the games he has played in the role has changed the entire way Chelsea play, they play at a far better higher tempo and he also looks to have he trust of the players defensively and will make a tackle where as Jorginho will try but will 99% of the time give away a foul (or it feels that way at least) so it could turn into a slightly longer hold for him to come good. Chelsea midfield next year as it stands will be Jorginho/Gilmour dictating the play from deep RLC/Kova with the deep lying progression and Mount as the further forward.

    Keita Balde i hold as well as a bit of a transfer punt myself.

    Nothing wrong with any of them trades IMO just unlucky timing on KDB/Sterling but once football is back and city dodge the European ban i would expect them to rebound higher. I would top up on them personally to lower the buy prices as it's a decent percentage down should lower your average quite a bit, not every trade is a home run.

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