• I'm down 12p a share in Willian

    Thoughts on keeping him? Potential PB in FA cup? Will he have a good World Cup? Will he start?


  • @NewUser138708 FA cup doesn't count towards PB.

    Why did you buy him and what did you expect his price to rise to?

  • Yeah you have bought at a peak after a very good bit of form, so no doubt he will drop now after that wears off, no doubt over the next week or 2 there will be another batch of roumers to utd, which might push him up to nearer what you paid for him, to get rid, but its a hard one unless he goes to UTD or theres some serious transfer rumours on it, i can only see him dropping further

  • He was one of my first buys so I wasn't really sure what I was doing unfortunately

    I'm thinking he had a good FA semi and potentially goes to near the price I paid, but I'm tempted to get rid now and cut losses before it gets worse

  • Mate we have all done the exact same thing when we started, dont let it put you off, put it down to experience. Someone else will be able to advice better than me on this one, its not a play i have been following much, but if he stays at chelsea and no UTD links, i can imagine him drop a lot over summer as people invest there cash else where, not read any of the UTD links on him so not sure how likely he is to go there know Jose really rates him

  • He is linked to UTD, contract expires in 2020 I think, I'd say around 25mil maybe

    I personally can't see him going but Jose likes him, he has a good WC anything can happen, a bad WC it's all downhill

    No I'm not fused, it's my only bad business so far so holding out doesn't really bother be it's just not nice to so the - sign haha

  • If this is your first bit of bad business then don’t worry, use it as a learning experience in which you won’t do the same again next time.

    I had a similar issue with Dries Mertens - I bought him, his price fell, I got worried. I then evaluated the situation and more importantly my overall strategy. I have categories for players to fit into...

    good at MB, good at PB, young/growth, due to return from injury, transfer links, flip opportunity

    I then realised that I’d bought him without much of a plan (this was before UTD links surfaced so he ticked no category), and therefore had no idea what my criteria was for knowing what his price would end up. I thought about it for a few days and then decided to sell him for a loss (he ended up rising after this but I wasn’t bothered). I put the funds into someone I had a plan for and felt much better about the situation - even if the plan wasn’t going well, I felt better in that there was logic/reasoning behind the selection and I could trust my instincts on it. If you don’t know where you stand with a player and don’t have a clear idea of what you want out of the trade, it’s difficult to make a good decision. If you have a clear vision on what to expect from a player then it’s much better/less stressful/more likely to make the right call on it.

  • @Golfing-Grandad this is good advice when I started out I was impulse buying without a clear plan or strategy and this nearly always leads to a loss. Can't emphasise enough how important it is to have a clear plan with any purchases

  • @Golfing-Grandad really good advise, cheers mate

  • Regular links to United (although I’d be surprised if he goes) and he’ll be in the squad to go to the World Cup and Brazil could go far. Unsure about how much profit but I think you’ll be able to make a majority of your shares back. Depends how many shares you’ve got and if there’s someone else you could use those funds on?

  • Also the hardest thing for new players, same when i joined is to know the true value of players, and the trends at the time influencing players prices, I guess thats why you really do need to start with small investment or just watch the players values and how they respond, alll this comes with experience.

  • I bought into him at £2.01 so pretty much even now. Going to hold for WC and transfer window and see what happens. I imagine he'll be in the starting 11 for Brazil, and if not will get sub time, and they'll definitely go far so can't see him dropping throughout the tournament.
    Shame he missed that one on one in the match against West Ham at the weekend, otherwise I think you'd be sitting on a profit.
    Amazing how such a small thing can make such an impact!

  • decided im gonig to hold out till WC unless he hits form in the prem and gets me even im going to sell as I cant see profit in him, thanks for the advise everyone

  • i brought Willian way back when for 0.95 and held for around 3 months without movement until he finally did something in a game and got out for 1.10... he's since (less than 3 months later) shot up double so it shows good footballers will (eventually) make you money...

    At 2.04 in the WC squad and with his future uncertain he could indeed rise double again if he's targeted with say United or Madrid but any flirtation with China and I anticipate a stampede of panic sales so I won't be touching him especially as Chelsea's form of late isn't that great?

  • If he features, even consistently from the bench for Brazil he'll likely rise as they progress. I'd hold!

  • Willian has dropped even more now. He's probably not going to start for brazil, coutinho and neymar has those spots. He may be the first from the bench? Neymar, jesus and coutinho are all players you can count on and can play 90 min. Firminho is one that can be ahead willian as a sub as well.
    I dont have willian in my stock, i personally think there are more valuable players in the market. That will give more MB, PB and play a bigger role in their teams. but who knows, i can be very wrong.

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