Nkunku still value ?

  • £3.30
    Highest PB of 297
    Average PB this season 128
    14 goal contributions this season
    Most expensive playing midfielder for his age
    Plays in a good team

    Thinking aboout swooping in for the double up of him and Sabitzer....

  • I sold my Nkunkus last week at around £3.29 be might rise further especially if he has a good 1st weekend PB wise
    i kept my Sabitzers though as he seems to hold less risk an more likely to be involved in transfer spec soon,

    Both good long terms holds in my opinion

  • On Nkundu steady drop since the return on the Bundesliga, some mixed performances since the return and last night he played up top which was bad for his PB game. Just before the break when he had more responsibility in the centre of the park his PB performances where fantastic but Leipzig seem to have changed tactics & fornation since then.

    Any other holders/Leipzig supporters have a perspective on where Nkundu will be playing next season when Leipzig will be minus Timo Werner? I think him and Olmo could become the two stars of the team but minor concern Nkundu may be played out wide or up top.

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