• What do you think about him? He
    has fallen a lot in the last period due to the closure of the Eredivise, do you think it can be an excellent purchase for a long-term?

  • I think he's a decent young player, great potential.

    Erediv teams always have to sell to balance the books as their TV revenue is a joke. So, Ajax will be looking to raise's the But..

    Ziyech off
    Onana linked to clubs
    DV Beek very likely to leave

    and there are others. Are you thinking of holding for 12 months to see Cap App or hoping for a transfer now

  • He hasn't played much at all for ajax yet but i expect will be a regular next season. So it just depends how good he is, but i feel like he'd have to be pretty bloody good to get too far above what he is now price wise, might be wromg, not sure.

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