• Think im gonna pop outside and finish off building my split atom fulled rocket ship in the shed, slightly easier to work out then that I have just read.



  • No market reaction so far. Confused...

  • @Millerman it's abit like a Boris announcement! Don't find out what it actually means until a day or 2 later when Mr Cole and his colleagues have been sat over the back gardens and talked it through!

  • @Dan-w Just think in a simple way that with this "matching machine", there is flex flexibility that we can market sell a player at different prices from the highest (the current buy now price) to the lowest (current instant sell price).

  • @Victory oh I get it, just vague. I like the way they are implementing it aswell tbh. They are doing good. People who need their money out, they will stand a better chance of getting it out now without such a big hit of 40% spread.

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