How long have you been trading

  • Just thought it would be good to do a little roll call. Personally I joined the index in September 2017 with an initial £100. Went in hard at Xmas with the 10% bonus and again at the FI trader event bonus. Now up to a portfolio of 10.4k from an investment of 7.5k.

  • A week and after an early mistake I m slightly up

  • since Dec 17. profits around £400 with £1300ish invested

  • Joined Dec 16

  • Joined in January of this year, only able to invest £150 so far and unlikely to put more in any time soon. As things stand I'm up £33.39 or 22.26% which I'm pretty happy with considering the amount of mistakes I've made.

  • I joined 27th March and have only invested a small amount of £80.
    Really enjoying it so far as it's not like a traditional football bet when your money goes after 90mins.
    Spending loads of time on the website and researching players.
    Really impressed with the help available on the Forums

  • Joined December 2017, as of today including capital appreciation on my current portfolio I'm up 37% after commission on my overall ROI

  • Similar. I have around 2k of profit in 3 months.

  • @Noirx4
    Nice one Noir 💪.
    Having just come back from travelling with no money or job, I was very cautious and started with only £10 3-4 weeks ago. An extra £10 a couple days later and £20 a week ago. I bought only a couple shares each in various players just to research how the platform works and understand the what drives the market. Excellent support and communication on the forum too which I check regularly. Pleased to say I’ve made 10% back already and now with working again I’ll be putting more in soon 👍

  • I joined on the 9th Jan 2018, invested £1700 in total and i'm up 13% after commission.

  • Good to see people doing well. Personally I've been using FI since January this year, in profit with a modest investment so far, will likely be investing more over the coming months.

    I'd also be interested to hear about when people first start withdrawing? Likely from some of the users who have been on the platform for longer. For me, any profit I'm making at the minute I'm reinvesting to try and grow my portfolio rather than taking it out, but I feel like there must be a tipping point at which it makes sense to start withdrawing some funds while reinvesting others?

  • Joined last week, investment of £50. Currently down 56p 💸 couple of Man City players mugging me off but hopefully they'll rise again soon. Bought the odd player hoping for a good PB and they've absolutely flopped (nowt I can do about that). Still early days and learning. Will invest more and get on the usual MB winners just to hopefully recoup a few losses!

  • Joined back in September with £100. At £500 invested now with portfolio worth £620. Going to push £2k-£3k in July when I get my bonus. (Post World Cup)

  • I started in August 2017 with very small amounts. After a ton of mistakes and basically breaking even but I could see the potential, I went to around 3k at the beginning of January. At the end of January I completely changed my portfolio realising being patient and having a strategy is key. After the London meeting I made it up to 4k and litterallly in the last 2 months my portfolio has turned into 6k. I thought if i was trading around 1k up by August I would be really happy, but it really has surpassed my expectations being over 2k up at the moment. I still think the way the index is going there is still alot of potential, plus it's great fun. All my mates are on it and they say they are already addicted.

  • January 2018 I started.

    Investment of just over 2k with only £350 profit from my portfolio and dividends so far . A lot of my investments are long term, some quite possibly for the full 3 year period.

  • Started in Feb and put roughly 260 and I'm up at 305, not bad but could be better but I made a few silly mistakes myself

  • Started with £1k in December '17 and put a further £11k over Feb-April. Currently up £2.1k post commission.

  • Currently got an investment of £2k, joined January 2017.

    One lesson learnt is you have to be prepared to invest for the long haul. Don't do what I do and withdraw it in one go to help pay for a mortgage deposit. Because of this I had to instant sell some players with a loss for the instant cash and have since re-built my portfolio back up and running at a cool £370+ profit since January 2018.

    If a player decreases in value don't panic sell which was something else I did in the early days.

  • @MrYaio I’ve also invested the same amount and joined at a similar time,how do you work out your percentage of profit?

  • @leegiles9 I have it all in a spreadsheet but will try and explain

    Max Cash Out - For every player I work out current share price minus 1p (you never sell at current share price) then minus 2% for commission
    Example (One player, with one share) £9.03 - £0.01 / 100 x 98 = £8.84(rounded up)

    Balance - Total Deposit plus Total Dividends plus Total Purchase Cost (will be a minus figure) plus Total Sold Profit
    Example £100 + £12 + -£110 + £30 = £32

    Max CashOut Profit - Max CashOut plus Balance minus Total Deposit
    Example £150 + £20 - £135 = £35

    Max CashOut % - Max CashOut Profit divide Total Deposit times 100
    Example £35 / £135 x 100 = 25.9%

    I also work out my minimum CashOut, if I Instant sold everyone. The only difference is on Max CashOut I use the instant sell price minus the 2% commission rather than the Share Price minus 1p minus 2% commission.

    Hope this makes sense....

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