Instant Sell now reversed - top price.

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    I decided to sleep on the announcement.
    Been up for a couple of hours now, digesting what is being said by players across here/social media.

    What people seem to be missing, is that IS will no longer be the bottom price.
    From now, it will be the top price.

    This is very dangerous...

    People are going to see an IS price a LOT higher than it currently is.

    This will have 2 effects:

    1. People will see IS jump high and be all over it to get out and
    2. Psychologically, seeing a higher IS price will lead to people wanting to de-risk and accept bids.

    With people having a selling mentality, only those with a cash balance can win, as their is a race to sell off shares.
    These people will then lose out because prices will keep slowly dropping as I believe there will be more people trying to get out, than put in.

    As we know, people are sheep and the more they drop, the more others will drop.

    Full transparency...

  • Just to be clear, have the changes actually come into effect straight away? Usually these things have a date to commence but can't see one and I'm now too cautious to buy anyone but cant see an option to offer a lower price.

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    No not yet, we are awaiting further info.

    Further transparency: I have removed my German players from sell queue for now.

  • @MrWh1te yes the first 24 hours could be quite interesting with sellers and buyers jostling for the best prices respectively. My own view since the market effectively has halted any money leaving (money has been circular since removal of instant sell) is that you have to expect a correction at some stage in price's.

    After people get some comfort over the matching system however and those that want to take funds have I'd expect things to continue on an upwards trajectory long term.

    It's as you were, ride out the dip or buy into it.

  • @Stevo


    I made one final purchase this morning to round up my numbers. Now going to try and build up cash balance until this is launched.

  • @Martyn-B said in Instant Sell now reversed - top price.:


    I made one final purchase this morning to round up my numbers. Now going to try and build up cash balance until this is launched.

    This is perfectly understandable and many people will be putting off buying now in the expectation that prices will be cheaper in two weeks time. I’m not an economist but this often leads to a deflation. It will be interesting to see how prices hold up prior to the matching engine being introduced.

  • I think there will also be a positive to the matching engine - which is that we are less likely to see prices falling in individual players.

    Prior to Coronavirus (and the suspension of IS) there were two ways prices could fall, by ISing a player or by placing them in the sell queue.

    Once the matching engine is operational, there will be only one way (i.e. by placing in the sell queue) and for the reasons I’ve explained elsewhere I think the sell queue will be largely redundant on most players. Sales via the matching engine should have no bearing on price, as there is no net change in the number of futures held in a certain player.

    Therefore I suspect we will see less cap app opportunities, but also less cap dep risks too. All in all, it could be a more stable and mature marketplace.

  • @MrWh1te cheers, I've seen a few people mention footstock comparisons, which I'm also on and the order books on there don't bother me at all but I think that's because I can put a larger sell price on my players if I wish. If people can still buy directly from FI we'll never be able to sell above the market price even if the player has a big spike in form or massive transfer rumour.

    Am I right in my thinking with that?

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    Yes this is correct.

    If there is a big spike and people are buying from FI, then it will remain as it is now, with shares going up by a penny per 600/900 being sold.

    This is contingent on there being no buy orders. If someone is bidding, you will always buy at the bid price, not market price, and the price will not go up. (commission not withstanding)

  • @MrWh1te said in Instant Sell now reversed - top price.:

    What people seem to be missing, is that IS will no longer be the bottom price.
    From now, it will be the top price.

    This should help narrow spreads initially, ultimately market price is a function of supply & demand & proper order books should allow it to settle at a market clearing equilibrium level. Which is why FI DOUBLING their commission from 2% to 4% is a bad idea as it reduces demand & therefore market price, those expecting to get discounted prices below "market price" fail to understand that the market price is determined by the interaction of supply & demand, so effectively taxing demand by 2% will reduce it & lead to a lower market price, so any "discount" is both short term (exploiting "hostage" sellers) & illusory.

    FI need to grow the product, as a bigger pie benefits everyone including them, not be arguing about the size of each slice of a smaller pie as this increased commission does. The sooner they revert to just a 2% sellers commission & instigate proper full order books with both buy & sell orders available, so a realistic market price can be established by market forces, the better IMO.

  • @NewUser159387
    Except they haven’t doubled their commission. You can still buy at market price without paying the 2% just like you do now. You only pay 2% on buys if you bid at a bargain price and are successfully matched.

    No-one is talking about the potential benefits for buyers, though. It’s full of doom and gloom and Fisher Price economists trying to make themselves sound clever. 🤣

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    Narrow spreads atm = bad.

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    Everyone is talking about the initial benefits for buyers.
    The debatable bit is what happens once those buyers have bought and people sell off.
    Big cash holders will win and everyone else will lose at the start.
    Then as people lose and leave, the big cash buyers will be in trouble.

  • @Mr-Fuzzman said in Instant Sell now reversed - top price.:

    Except they haven’t doubled their commission.

    Every buyer is a seller in waiting, so has to pay 4% to unwind any trade, except your current buy price example, just out of interest where do you think this price comes from? & how will it be achieved when full order books are implemented?

    The only discounts will come from desperate trapped sellers who need out in the short term, where will those discounted buys come from once order books are allowed to establish a true market price?

  • I'm sorry @MrWh1te but I find the tone of your post very unsettling, posting screenshots of mass sellings and all.

    Surelly you can find a way of getting your message accross in a manner that actually helps everyone involved

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    Would you prefer I tell everyone it is gonna rocket, whilst I quietly sell up?

  • @MrWh1te Do your business there is no need to come spreading fear and anxiety whilst we don't really know how this all pans out. It seems to me you are just trying to score points based on previous altercations

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    Dangerous view. If you mute those who think it will go bad, and just listen to those who think it will be good, a lot of people will put more in and get badly burned.

  • @MrWh1te Like I said there are many aways of getting a message accross and by all means let us know what you think, just don't see the need to instill fear and worry into a situation which is not clear yet

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    If I was wrong, there should be no shortage of people telling me why.

    I have given graphs, explain my position, stood by what I said.
    The only argument people seem to come up with is 'you are wrong, it will rocket' or worse, 'you are wrong and yes it will plateau'.

    Figure this....
    It is widely agreed that IS spreads have kept money in FI and stopped FI crashing.

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