Serie A

  • Is one step closer to returning on 13th June, after the clubs voted 16-4 to return, with the 4 favouring 20th June instead.

    They still need approval from the Italian Government though.

  • Good signal! Deferring the start date for a week will put the players in a safer situation. PL should learn from them.

  • Fingers crossed but Italian doctors were saying it won’t work and one case means two week isolation for whole squad. I posted link yesterday.

    I’m wondering if having bought into Germany that staying there long term might be the safest option. They might be the only league going NEXT season... famous last words!

  • Not Serie A

    La Liga games potentially going to kick off at 11pm due to heat... which I guess will involve a little attention re: PB/MB and dividend payouts but shouldn’t be anything FI can’t handle.

    Having said that if games are kicking off at all kinds of times, beginnings/finishing straddling midnight plus 3pm KOs etc everyday they need to clarify which matches count for which day. Is KO or finish time relevant. Are payouts etc going to be 5am say? This is actually extremely important for PB in particular.

  • @PaulM Have they decided when la ligas back in action yet?

  • @NewUser186725

    I don’t think it’s 100%. I think the link I was looking at was Daily Star or something but other sources do give vibe that LL will be next. The head honcho seems bullish.

    I think games have kicked off late before but you could have games kicking off at 10pm/11pm maybe qualifying for different PB depending on how they do it. It may just be scheduled to finish but what if they’re delayed and finish 11:59/12:01? Not sure of time difference off my head either. It’s just games could finish at midnight 30 then be competing for PB against 8pm kick offs. You’d think it can be sorted FI wise but there are variables such as lengthy injury.

  • Would seem sensible to maybe have a 3am finishing line rather than midnight with dividends paid out at 3.15am

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