• Jerome Roussillon has risen sharply today. I had 200 phutures in him and sold them for a small profit, cos he really never went up or down much. So when I saw his name today in the biggest riser, I thought he must be going to a big club. But he has injured his foot and cant play for the foreseeable future. Why has he risen?

  • Pick a low priced player buy heavy into him till he trends. Once he trends the Lemmings jump on!!! Then you pull your money latest FI crazy....he’s down 5p today where the investors pulled 500 shares and the lemmings are in the red!!!

  • Most likely because RB Leipzig are reportedly after him. Transfer rumours will lift the price up a bit.

  • Thats why I avoid following anyone on twitter for advise, big groups of players control the index to exploit, new inexperienced players, and you challenge them on it and they try and make your name mud, twitter is good for getting fast updates on transfer spec injuries other than that its very poisonis. I'd advise finding a FCB chat group to join, where everyone helps out each other and anyone thats a snake gets deleted out the chat

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