Order books / Scaremongering

  • Firstly apologies for starting a new thread on OBs but I'm hoping by creating a new thread with a positive opening statement and practical advice it will help calm a few people, especially as in a lot of the comments I've read recently you can either feel the concern or worse you can feel the dripping greed from certain vultures trying to enflame those concerns.

    I would recommend anyone who hasn't listened to the FIGs video on OBs do so. The biggest positive speculation, with which I agree, is that FI / market-makers will initially create bids so that the vast majority of players will have the minimum 300 units of bids needed to create an IS price. It's not in FI's favour to have loads of players showing as having '0' sale price. This means there is likely to be an option to sell almost any player (death / retirement excluded exactly as now)

    Next the new IS price will be created by the average of the HIGHEST 300 units of bids. What will this likely mean in practice? The new system opens, a trader puts in a 300 unit bid at 80% value, to keep it simple a £10 player now shows as having an £8 IS price until either someone sells or more importantly until the average is pushed up.
    I believe these lower bids will happen a lot in the opening few minutes / hours of the new system so PATIENCE will be key - if you need to cash out you've probably waited this long so please wait a little longer!! Why? Because if the next trader makes a 300 unit bid at £9 that automatically becomes the new IS price again until there are higher bids or again until someone sells & so on.
    FI automatically take the money from bidders so there will not be 1000s of traders putting in bids at 80% & tying up there funds - there will be some but patience I feel will beat them!

    I also read that tightening spreads will encourage people to leave. I think this makes no sense though as the IS price is only created by bids, therefore the spreads only close as more people bid, i.e. the money isn't leaving that player & so their ''buy now'' price stays the same. Only when people list to market sell will the price drop - just as it does now!

    Lastly if you do need to sell up then now is a good time to work out what you'd accept for a player, before you IS at a lower price I don't see why you couldn't mention on the forum what price you'd ''prefer'' to sell them at. I think there are enough white knight traders who'd be willing to help! At the end of the day if traders are currently happy to pay the buy now price there's no reason why they wouldn't be happy even with a small discount.

    Thanks AT10

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