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  • Question. My portfolio, On the top of the home. All time section I can understand but the 7 days and 24hrs bears little resemblance to what’s actually happen in those timespands. Can anyone explain or am I interpreting it wrong?

  • A couple of people have mentioned on here about these being wrong. Mine seems about right to me although I don't really keep close track as I don't find it to be particularly relevant. Pretty sure the 24h one resets at midnight each day rather than being a rolling 24 hours, which would make a difference to the calculations if that's how you'd been doing it.

  • @BL__FI
    I’m roughing around £3 up today on the 24hr from midnight last night but it’s showing a around that amount as a minus also the 7 day is around £10 difference in a minus as well. I also notice if you if you swipe down all the figure update with new ones!! The all time is always correct by the other two seem way out. No biggy really was just curious as to whether I was interpreting it right or not. Thanks for you reply anyway 👍

  • Mine doesn't match. I only have players in multiples of 10 but regularly have a gain of something like £1.26. I don't worry about it as you get so much change all the time thinking about pennies isn't really worth it as the next minute it will be different.

    Might be something to do with players recently bought not dropping into the calculations or could be that a player is up .5 or .6 of a pence.

  • @Ozzlebert
    Ok thanks for that. Not that concerned really as I said just curious how it worked really.

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