Done deals

  • Anyone have a view on whether the ‘done deals’ for the summer will go ahead in the current financial crisis for many clubs. I’m thinking Morata to A Madrid , E Can to Dortmund, A Ruiz and lots of others that are pre agreed (thinks Ziyech to Chelsea will be fine). Maybe these are contracted and the clubs will have to find the money - or will they try and renegotiate and swap players - Barcelona have about e40m committed spend on 3 players as well...

  • Do you mean like loan deals signed last season with an obligation to buy?

  • @Chris-C , yes Morata is e56m loan with obligation to complete, E Can e25m - but AM for example are in financial difficulty so don’t see how unless they restructure the deal to say include Partey or Saul they won’t be able to pay? And wondering if this means more swaps for these clubs and to look at them from an Fi opportunity

  • well well that's something i did not realize about morata, i though that was a permanent deal. Well i guess it will depends on how good chelsea's lawyers were, pretty good i would imagine. I don't think it will be a problem i think that A Madrid have more money then people think. Also its not like they have to pay 56M in one go, it will be spread over 4 or 5 years what ever moratas contract length is plus they got 120M odd for greizman last summer which would pay for most of it i guess.

  • Morata deal is done. That won't change. I don't know about the rest but i know Morata is 100% a done deal.

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