Timo £6.50-£7 by Sunday

  • Think timo is goin to come back with transfer in mind, he wants his move to Liverpool and the prem and with this being the only league at mo, he gonna smash goals to get his move

  • Any FI logic behind this, or is he going to jump 10% just by 'smashing it'?

  • If only it was that easy! Also sometimes when you try TOO hard it can have a negative impact on your performance.

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    OP is probably right though.
    Only takes 1 goal/pb score and he flies through 6.50 easily

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    10% maybe not.

    But the 3.84% which is the actual odds to hit £6.50 is easily achievable.

  • @MrWh1te can say that about probably 80% of the starting outfield players this weekend, if they score. I think there will be ridiculous swings this weekend as people try chase divs

  • @JonesyFI-WH said in Timo £6.50-£7 by Sunday:

    If only it was that easy! Also sometimes when you try TOO hard it can have a negative impact on your performance.

    Abit like this pump then....🤣

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    Indeed you can. But the others are unlikely to hold their value like Werner will.

  • @MrWh1te I actually think there's a chance that he'll be cheaper in 6 months time than now. I think a move is looking less likely as time goes on, release clause expires a month today and all the recent noise has been Liverpool aren't interested. Will be interesting to see where it goes

  • yeah I hold him but how the hell can I pump timo Werner he does that on his own, don’t need no FI logic to c that it’s gonna be big couple wks months for him

  • Just out of curiosity, do Timo holders here have an exit point in mind? Will you sell on the spike from his eventual move if it goes through or hold him and hope he continues to rise like Bruno did?

    I've held Werner twice: firstly from when he was under £3 back in October which I then sold at about £4.80 to fund other purchases. I then got back on for a second stint at £5.31. I think I will be selling on the spike from his PL transfer and using the funds once again to move into cheaper players.

    Will anybody here be holding him as a Premier League player if his price jumps up past £7?

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    I hold and am looking for a spike. I think he will go higher but I bought him at £1.74 so need to start thinking about a way out.
    Wish I had more of him.


  • Happy to hold until at least next Euros unless he gets a massive spike out of a PL transfer.

    Pretty sure he'll return plenty of divs between now and then

  • @DillyDong I hold 200 at an average cost of £4.37 since January and I have the belief that he's a long term hold given the euros and world cup where I expect Germany (and him) to have a major say. Added to that is whether Germany gets added to the platform and then the prices for those players as well as the associated media takes them on a different route.

    That said if he smashes 10 goals in the next few weeks and earns loads of divs then delete the bullshit above, I'm out on the spike :-)

  • @DillyDong said in Timo £6.50-£7 by Sunday:

    Timo holders here have an exit point in mind?

    He's one of the few Forwards who's game suits the matrix, so will challenge for PB wins with any goal contribution, wheres players like Mbappe, Haaland, Aguero need multiple contributions to have any chance. Whilst all great players Werner is by far the best suited to the scoring matrix so has the most chance of winning dividends for the least contribution; this makes him a long term hold IMO, so no plans to exit, except perhaps if the 3 year limit is clarified or enforced. Transfer speculation may inflate his price in the short term but medium to long term his price will be driven higher by dividend yield, as the platform grows.

  • I love Werner, I’m holding since 1.66 :-)
    Would send a pic but haven’t a clue how 😂

  • @King-Fergus said in Timo £6.50-£7 by Sunday:

    I love Werner, I’m holding since 1.66 :-)
    Would send a pic but haven’t a clue how 😂

    That's ok mate I already know what he looks like

  • @NewUser159387 He really suits the matrix with his role in RBL, gets involved in play from deep almost as a 10 sometimes and then can roam anywhere across the front to pick up the ball. My sole caveat is that he also takes some corners so whether those duties would remain in a new environment remains to be seen.

  • If he doesn't go anywhere, how far will he drop? My price comparison would be with Gnabry, does this make Gnabry look a decent price? I don't hold either but will be interesting to see

  • @Pez I think they both might settle around £5.50, if the move doesn't happen. Maybe Werner slightly more expensive as you imagine he's more likely to move in the future. I'm not sure if all holders realise that the clause in his contract expires too, so they may be in for a surprise

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