Your Buying Strategies A Day Before Bundesliga Resumption Please(Poll)

  • PB football resuming hopefully. Fingers crossed we are turning a corner. Where do you think the gains can be had? Edit: Matching not Marching. Cursed predictive text.

  • I did my spending when the prices of the PB players crashed which coincided with the deposit bonus so I don't have any plans to buy over the next few days, and also because I have £0.18 in my cash balance! I don't feel like depositing any more at this time because I don't fully understand the OB/ME situation. So I'll be sitting back and watching closely.

    If I was planning to spend then I'd probably be looking at other PB leagues.

  • @Vaughany exactly as above, Bundesliga PB holds bought some time ago. I don't expect to get involved this weekend unless I see one of my players rocket then I'll sell and potentially play with that liquidity.

  • @DW
    Yeh, that's my thinking too. I've got a few Bundesliga holds who I'll look to sell if they spike over the next 2 or 3 weeks but there are others that I hold who I'll keep regardless of a spike, as I think they are good long term investments.

    I've mentioned it on another thread before but I'm still bitter from my Gnabry experience. I bought at £1.60ish and sold at about £2.70 after his price rocketed when he scored 4 against Spurs. Look at his price now! I'm wary of making the same mistake again.

  • this is a very insightful result so far!

  • Early indications are that we could have a buyer's market on our hands. This is particularly interesting in view of the upcoming matching engine. Could do with a new poll get into the nuts and bolts of why folk aren't investing at present...

  • I'm only recycling dividends at the moment and voted "a diverse approach.." for lack of a better option

    The funny thing is the footsie is up but I agree it is not the time to be making deposits right now

  • Yep I’ve done my buying and building a cash balance ready for ME to land; I might top up on my current holds before 3pm if any look like they’re in with a chance of winning PB or grab a few goals before their price spikes.

    I think most of us are waiting to see which league will be next so we can jump on early

  • I have my German holds ready for tomorrow onward, so not planning to buy at the moment. I have a cash balance from dividends that I'm saving up to buy Ronaldo since we have the whole of this month with 5-place media dividends.

  • All purchases done and dusted.
    Not bothered about missing out on in-play Divs. Will be glad when this first weekend is done and dusted.
    A successful weekend with no issues should bring about a much quicker return when safe to do so for countries looking on enviously.

    Edit: I'm lying. I bought 600 Sebastian Andersson yesterday. But that's all now.
    My portfolio is starting to resemble The Third Reich! 😁

  • Looks like Mr Cole is a regular follower of my Polls. The poll spoke and he answered with a cash drop promotion. Good evening to you Mr Cole. 👍

  • I've bought and sold for modest 11% gain which I'm very happy with as it now resides at Barclays.
    Might spend a tenner tomorrow on another 10%er to see if IPD are now dead with no IS.

  • Looking mainly at cheap forwards like Sebastian Andersson. He should score a few. Also Jhon Cordoba, he was on fire in his last few games before lockdown.

    Other than that I have bought a few Gnabry's and already hold Werner, I think my port is set to go.

    I'll probably spend my Deutschdrop £10.00 on Andersson to get a few more IPD penny's.

  • Been having a think, and I’ve had a few drinks so this thinking might be a bit off the mark. But holds like Messi and Ronaldo seem very appealing, say you could get Messi for £4, the risk with Messi/Ronaldo is their depreciation in price cause of age, if you could offset that early then all dividends you make would be profit and they’re proven returns. Also quite like the youth category, like Joao felix I wouldn’t pay his price currently but I think if you could get him sub £3 he’s a bargain for his talent, a lot of youth rise really quickly so you feel like you’ve missed the rise, but this could massively help with that!

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