Kevin De Bruyne

  • Just wondering what you guys think. KDB is right now at 4.41 and that is quite a high price. But with City bound to win PL and he is a big part of that, i think he is getting some player award for his performances and that will give him some media buzz?
    is he worth buying?

  • he's pale skinned ginger and ugly and unfortunately that doesn't bode well for Media Buzz in these parts...

    But if you can see through that.... He's one of the best players in the world and his price should hold value especially if Belgium tonk England in the WC and KDB has something to do with it???

    No transfer buzz and he's not the sort of player to regularly top PB's (he's far too unselfish for that) so he's not that exciting for the price he's at (others may offer better all be it potentially more volatile value) but as a hold he's a decent Bentley with a few miles left in the tank rather than a sexy Lambo who's engine could fail at any time!!

  • @dannypea
    If Belgium gets far in the WC i'm sure it will have a lot to do with KDB. You have som valid thoughts! But he sure can win some ''Top Overall'' and ''Top MID'' with his ability to score and do some wonderful assists?

  • If he wins the prem player of the year this will be good for 1 (maybe 2) MB wins, not a good enough reason to hold imo

  • I was thinking yesterday as I was writing.... "I bet he wins a bloody PB tonight" and his first half display last night was awesome.... No doubt he pulls strings and yes, he should at least win a couple of MB's from now until the summer but there are about nine or ten players ahead of him that are seemingly much more fancied by the media.

    I think Hazard will be Belgium's buzz player so lumped on him at a similar value to KDB (with a big transfer away from Chelsea also in mind) so come August i'll be interested to see which one holds more value and has gained more profit???

  • @dannypea
    I had such a feeling as well! he has dropped a few p now but i think he will rise some again. But all in all, that's true. KDB isn't the most profitable because there are some others that gets more media.
    My guess would be Hazard actually!

  • Finally figured out a major reason he doesn't score so well on MB - a load of the papers write his name as Kevin de Bruyne (the d as lower case) FI have him as Kevin De Bruyne which is enough for him not to get the points - look at articles today about Salah / KDB winning player of the season for confirmation.

    Have contacted FI so hopefully it will get sorted, not that today it would make any difference but when Fred is scoring for every person in the world named Fred, would be good for them to allow KDB or KdB

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