Haaland is a gold mine atm opinions??

  • I got in at £6.73 and in less than 2 months is £7.82
    If the boy even gets close to win pb ( not impossible with the amount he scores and considering that there is only one league atm )
    He will probably reach £9 in a month maybe sooner !
    Thoughts ?
    Obviously I hold him and planning to hold him for a long time I know he will probably drop at some point but if he will end up at Utd in a year or two and in the main time keeps scoring I can seee him becoming an I’ve £10 player he is only 19 atm !

  • @R9inter he is exciting and his early performances suggest he could be the next footballing superstar. His price rose faster than i wanted as i really wanted to see him over a few more games. He’s definitely one im watching and waiting for an opportunity to get on

  • @R9inter

    Great in real life, probably a superstar in the making but PB scores are shocking so once the hype & MB pass he looks probably £2/3 over valued IMO.

  • Yeah man, I wish i got in at £6.73, infact when i first joined the index he was less then £3 i wish i had got in then, but i talked myself out of it for the reasons stated above that he was all hype. Turns out that hype is pretty lucrative. I think long term his prospects are bright, PB wise i believe he will get better over time (either through his own ability of by possible future but non imminent tweaks to the PB matrix), but his connections with the EPL are strong either through his father or due to the ole factor so a move to the EPL is likely but not the only option, the buy out clause in his dortmond contract is an absolute ticking time bomb which will explode into a shower of media divs, as Dortmond get absolute shafted by Mino Railoa, in 18 months time Haaland could end up and any top club in Europe not just utd easy.

    The only negative i can see with him is, how does his PB and MB look for the intervening 18 months with him at dortmond and no jadon sancho to provide the assists, i think its Inevitable that sancho does move on so a lot will depend on how they replace him and if that has a positive or negative affect on Haalands performances. But there is loads of time to figure that out, in the mean time just hold and enjoy the cap app cause i don't see it stopping anytime soon don't know about £9 in a month though, but i think its 100% that he will hit that sort of value over the length of your 3 year hold, probably higher, in short this guy is a keeper!!

  • I held 100 at 3.30ish, which I sold at about 3.70 v early on into my FI journey. Absolute gutter! Can't bring myself to get back on now, will have to come back down towards £6 for me to consider as I don't think his PB is good enough atm and I'm assuming he's got another year at Dortmund at least.

  • If utd don't sign a striker this summer then I will buy him For January window next season.

  • @R9inter looks a real talent. But need to see a bit more of him first. When the MB honeymoon period wears off he could fall into the Mbappe category- amazing on pitch but earns very little divs. Let’s hope he comes to Prem. That would be MB gold.

  • Don't hold but if he scores tomorrow could set the next big train in motion

  • I plan to hold him long term unless he really rockets up then I might sell off and wait for an eventual drop and get back in , suddenly whatever goes up will eventually come down , but for now I will keep him and possibly for the whole 3 year term , another one that I have intention to keep is trincao ( more of a gamble compared to Haaland ! Trincao is moving to Barca in summer and if he can keep up with the expectations oh boy that will be gold , but as I said that’s a bit more of a gamble but at the current price I was happy to jump on that train let’s hope will take me all the way home ! !!!

  • I bought him for £6.01 and sold him at a about £6.30. I also posted in a thread somewhere that he was over valued at that time and I thought I bought too high, saw no value blah blah.

    I now eat a huge bit of humble pie as this has proved to be a mistake of mine. I was only a couple of months into my FI journey at the time which is why I strictly enforce a minimum 20% cap app before I sell now and all because of Haaland.

    I may buy back when he troughs if price is low enough.

  • @Kipper72 said in Haaland is a gold mine atm opinions??:

    I now eat a huge bit of humble pie as this has proved to be a mistake of mine. I was only a couple of months into my FI journey at the time which is why I strictly enforce a minimum 20% cap app before I sell now and all because of Haaland.

    The potential with Haaland is kind of scary. Very rare to have such a prolific player at 19. 19!! So so many years left at the top. Let's say the matrix remains unchanged for another 3 years, and goal scorers like him are not rewarded - he'd still only be 22!

    I think if he carries on showcasing his potential, he'll only get pricier and pricier (along with more and more column inches in the media). He's only played a handful on Bundesliga games, which means optimism has to be cautioned somewhat though. An exciting player to have a sweat on with FI for sure.

  • @Kipper72 its all part of the learning curve

  • Just scored first BL goal today as well....

  • @Kipper72 first?

  • @Splurger_Dan
    Think he meant THE first not HIS first....

  • @Vaughany Yes, the first since the restart.

  • @Kipper72 ahh I see. Thought you meant his first BL goal🤦‍♂️

  • The thing with Haaland now is when to get on board

  • I said he would reach £9in a month maybe he will reach it before then if he wins pb today !
    He is just a machine and he has loads of personality watching the game right now and he is a nice little player I really think he is going to be great for FI and in real life

  • Hes a top class finisher and has great people feeding him all around him

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