is it time to just bite the bullet and get on sancho?

  • anyone put off by his current price? yeah if he doesnt go to united now, he will dip, but the continued div at dortmund should continue

    opinion, i'm undecided by have some balance to spend...

  • For me, the price is way too scary. 50 shares would set you back over £675 (lazy maths assuming he’s about £13.50).. then you’re looking at £2.50 for max media divs.. and a big gamble over what his Cap app is going to do.

  • How much have you got to spend?

  • I personally wouldn't do that, way too risky

  • @JB

    People were saying the same thing at £10. And probably before that.

  • @TT Not for me thats all I'm saying

  • @JB Fair enough.

  • Not for me very expensive rather have Neymar or Mbappe even Messi

  • Nah, wouldn't do it, much better opportunities out there.

    Too far ahead of the pack & looks overpriced.

    The Manchester United move is effectively priced in, & it doesn't look likely to happen.

  • Yeah too expensive for me. No doubt he is a good player but with all the changes coming in I'm sure bar an incredible performance this weekend you will be able to get him at least nearer the £13 mark if not much cheaper when if he doesn't go to man u.

  • He’s not as good and rashford or bruno, apart from an initial big media haul he’s overpiced.

  • Bench today for Sancho

  • @NewUser455434 said in is it time to just bite the bullet and get on sancho?:

    Bench today for Sancho

    Anyone see that training pic of him the other day? 🤔

    Fat fcuk! 😂

    Looks like he's been raiding the fridge during the lockdown.

  • Perhaps best to wait for order books to see if you can get better value? Bit too high at the moment I'd say, unless you're topping up from a much lower buy price.

  • @inoffthepost you can wait if you expect him to score no goals/win no divs/stay at BVB. Otherwise I don’t see how you can get a discount (maybe over the next few days as apparently he is not playing today)

  • @NewUser455434 it's not bang on that it'd be possible to get a successful bid at lower than his current value but if you were tentative about purchasing at this price, I think it might be sensible to see if it is possible to have a bid matched at a lower value with OBs scheduled to go live within the next fortnight or so.

  • His PB worries me.
    He's the highest priced player on the entire index by a country mile, yet his PB returns are very poor.

    He NEEDS to be reclassified as a forward (less competition for divs) if he is to retain or indeed increase that value, in my opinion.

    The move to United won't matter if he is still a midfielder. MB places back down to 1 on a matchday and he is competing with two teammates (Pog & Bruno) for both this AND PB?

    You can buy ONE Jadon Sancho (£13.50) or..

    ONE Alphonso Davies (£4.35) +
    ONE Harvey Elliott (£3.00) +
    ONE Cristiano Ronaldo (£3.20) +
    ONE Filip Kostic (£2.45) +
    still have change!

    The first two are youth prospects (like Sancho) and the other two bring you MB and PB divs, respectively. BASES COVERED

    I'm taking those four shares over that one Sancho share ALL DAY MATE 😉

  • Agree with most on here, his way over priced now an the move to utd is fading away each day cuz of the fee etc obviously at one point the move looked nailed on hence why people brought so many shares, buying now is too risky

  • Wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole at the prices, much rather mr halland his teammate at nearly half the price for someone who is younger and more importantly a better player.

  • @ScouseSte said in is it time to just bite the bullet and get on sancho?:

    He's the highest priced player on the entire index by a country mile, yet his PB returns are very poor.

    He's won 12p in PB this season, which equates to less than 1% ROI at his current price, yes he gets plenty of MB at present but should that dwindle or reduce significantly (Man Utd might rule out an imminent transfer?) then you are left holding a horrendously overpriced player.

    Hype & transfer speculation MB is relatively short term & transitory (look at Alexis Sanchez Ars/Man Utd Saga graph for example) so to buy on the back of it is super high risk & as he has been touted as a one way bet for so long should anything go wrong there may well be a massive price cliff edge awaiting the unwary. Even as a Man Utd forward he looks over priced to me but most holders/cult believers just refuse to accept any downside arguments & keep buying.

    He's just under 40% more expensive than the next highest player, Bruno, who is coincidentally already at Man Utd & has returned 20% of his current price in dividends already this season, largely starting in Jan, which just highlights the sort of value that you would be ignoring by buying Sancho IMHO.

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