"Accept price movement" feature issues

  • Hi all, does anyone else have problems when deselecting "Accept price movement"? I've just topped up 10xEvan N'Dicka's at 94p (showed as £9.40 on screen as expected) and made sure to switch off the accept price movement and it still went through when the price changed and is showing as £9.50 in my transaction history.

    It's happened to me previously on both website and Android app and I reported it to FI, who essentially said that it doesn't happen. Obviously it's not the most egregious issue but I was wondering if anyone had faced similar issues and if anyone had suggestions to ensure that I can switch it off properly?

  • Looks like they've updated the system for the Matching Engine and now "accepting price movement" when buying means that the price can only ever go lower. Of course, this may yet change again or simply not work! But if all ok then props to FI for making a positive move for traders.

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