Lookman - How did he make it pro?

  • Watched the whole Leipziq game, Lookman had a shocker. Came on at half time missed a sitter an just had an awful half. Did anybody else watch the game?

  • @Dav He looked poor from what I saw

  • Yeah looked awful. Missed an easy chance then fell over the ball at the end with another one. Glad to see VAR is still ruining football though 🤣

  • Good old VAR lol yeah at the end he had so much time in the box but totally messed up things. Thought Freiburg were unlucky defended well

  • He was shocking, Leipzig in general were poor today, couldn't finish their dinner. Despite scoring i thought poulsen was equally as shit. Gutted that Danni Olmo did not get to make an appearance, cant believe that lookman is ahead of him in the pecking order especially on today's performance.

  • I thought for his first game back his positioning was good but finishing poor due to being not match sharp.. That will come back after a few games. He stood out for me amongst the others

  • I didnt watch the game but i would of played Olmo ahead of lookman all day.

  • @Dav
    one game and he hasnt been playing even before all this,
    amazing balance and speed but he does have a lot to improve on

  • I'm not sure we can judge too much on first game back. I know people will say they earn loads and should be able to play in any conditions but there will be an extra pressure being first league back, playing in empty stadiums etc.

    Was he poor before lock down? Or is this thread started on this performance?

    I don't hold and haven't really researched him

  • Yeah I understand that, first game back in an no friendlies as well for all these BL players. His got a lot to learn but his at a very good club too where of course he can improve. These 1-2 years that are coming up for him are so vital for his career

  • To add to that, from other comments on here it would seem that perhaps Leipzig didn't get preparation right as it was a poor team performance.

  • He could quite easily be the next big thing, but managers don't seem to trust him enough to give him a 10 match run, which is what he really needs.
    That could tell you something.
    As an Everton fan, I wish we'd kept hold. Came through the England set up with DCL. Instead, we kept Walcott. 🤔
    Leipzig must have seen something in him too.
    I personally like him. There was talk of him coming back to the Premier League. Newcastle were mentioned, so might not be a bad hold.

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