Being ahead of the curve

  • If there is a curve I like to be ahead of it. So with that in mind order books coming in and I’m trying to establish people’s thought processes. With la Liga likely to be the next league back are people going to wait for order books to get on players from other leagues or are you going to by now as they will likely be higher. Also, have they confirmed exact date of order books. Sorry for poor grammar I’m dyslexic

  • @Jdog basically what I’m saying is are people going to wait for match engine or whatever it is to buy players from other leagues or not?

  • @Jdog or buy now and be ahead of the curve

  • Not sure il be buying, but if I do il try the ME 2 week trial in case there people selling really cheap. I won't buy til then for sure.

  • @Westy 2 week trial? Have I missed something?

  • @Ddr @Westy maybe means the 2 month commission free trial?

  • @Jdog
    I've done the majority of my spending already. I loaded up on PB players when their prices dropped during the deposit bonus and, to be honest, I wasn't focussing on which PB league they were playing in as long as they met my criteria. I was thinking more long-term.

    It may be a mistake on my part but the OB/ME hasn't really factored into any of my thinking, primarily as I don't fully understand it. I might suffer in the short-term as the market reacts but I'm hoping that the a player I bought in March because I thought he was a good 12-18 month investment still holds true once the OB/ME is launched and understood.

  • @JonesyFI-WH that's what I wondered but wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something else! Lol

  • @Ddr ah yeh the 2 month no commission thingy-me-jig. I reckon all the desperate sellers will have sold in 2 weeks.

  • @Westy yeah that's the point really, those with cash they have available in balances or to deposit are really going to take the piss out of people who need the cash out desperately due to financial situations changing due to the pandemic in the first week or two they are introduced.

    It's a shame that fi havent factored this into their thought process and started it with a low point of 80% and then brought it down to 60% incrementally over weeks/months.....would actually likely mean more commission (on sales at least to begin with)

    I know we always say dont bet what you cant afford to lose but in these unprecedented times I feel for people who are struggling due to no fault of their own and need money to survive

  • @Ddr yeh agree. But I guess if they've waited this long it's at least a glimmer of hope better than the IS they've been considering having to take.

  • @Westy true, but if the bids dont come in much higher than 60%, then its effectively what the IS is showing as atm, only difference being is that theyll actually be able to sell

  • @Ddr was looking at my last comment and thinking if someone could hit the reply button without touching my website link lol, did you manage it?

    If they marry it up with a bonus or div rise a lot of money will change hands for sure and should mean those desperate to get out will get a better deal. If they don't do anything to run along with it I think the bids will be low, just vultures lurking.

  • @Westy yeah had no probs hitting reply (edit, even with my fat thumbs lol)

    Will be interesting to see how the do it for sure, like I say, my concern will be for people who need the money being forced to accept 60% bids due to their circumstances.

    One thing for certain imo is fi will be looking at a nice bumper profit when theh do come in fully

  • It’s more ipd strikers than have a chance at pb maybe Suarez, benzema, Gerard Moreno so not really proper pb players like parejo as such. Just thinking for these sorta of players is it worth waiting for order books or not do we think? Just lots of la Liga action in a short space strikers will be in demand imo

  • I’m still focused on transfers and have small balance, I’d be amazed if FI don't have super transfer div like they did in January.
    It’s very tempting to get some Bundesliga players for ipd but I don’t want to be stuck, I’m best at transfers anyway just got to wait.

  • I keep topping up with my divs. Will be depositing in the next 2 week's again and will try to sit on a balance for once to try and snaffle up a few ME bargains for out of favour players who have transfer/euros. The biggest challenge for me is not to spend the cash balance🤣

  • Teams involved in the Europa and Champions league, I believe they could look to finish those competitions in August and they might be played over a short period of time with no other footballing competition ongoing.

    I'd be looking at players whom are in those competitions still and undervalued at present.

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