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    Isn’t this the clever part,it’s blurred lines,it’s kinda dressed as an investment & it partly is...yet it’s quite clearly a gambling site.

    If you told someone/people you had a bet of say £20k
    they would probably say are you mad/have you a gambling problem... ?

    Less likely to say that if you said I’ve invested £20k in something.

    As they quite clearly state “BET” what you can afford...

  • Banned

    It has worked as investment in as much as early adopters have been betting on the success of the platform.
    The more people who join, the less the returns and the more it becomes gambling.

    But the distinction is clear, this is a gambling site and should be treated as such.

  • Yes very’s clever marketing,probably less stigma too...

    You can pile a lot of money in over 3yrs,I doubt the majority would do this on a regular,so to speak betting site.

  • They are very different as I explained yesterday. They are still bets but lots of those little individual bets (daily mb and pb efforts) can lose and yet you don't lose anything. You are paying for potential divs and cap app. With a bet you can win £3000 in an hour from £1000 which is something that would be nearly impossible on fi.

    Any investment is a gamble though. Buying a stock is a gamble, buying a house is a massive gamble. I'm a professional gambler and a lot of my "gambles" are much safer than "investments". Life is a gamble.

  • @Tom7471 can I gamble on which side of the bed you'll get out of tomorrow please?

  • @Ddr I would take that bet :-)

  • @Tom7471 and to guarantee winning you could stay in bed all day lol

  • Buying an insurance policy is gambling, yet you are required to by law in many cases (the premium is the "odds" the insurer sets on the likelihood of something happening).

  • Banned

    I would argue that it is only required by law when it affects other people, so it isn't gambling, it is paying a fee to protect others interests.

  • @MrWh1te said in Invest/Gambling:

    I would argue that it is only required by law when it affects other people, so it isn't gambling, it is paying a fee to protect others interests.

    Well yes, but you choose your policy based on the best "odds" you can find. My point is that everybody, even those who are squeamish about gambling, are effectively gambling in some form, whether in insurance or other examples mentioned above.

    I'm personally very risk averse with money, hence why I'm on FI and never enjoyed traditional gambling. But I still see it as a long term betting site rather than a safe haven for my cash.

  • It's clearly a hybrid isn't it. It's ludicrous to call it pure gambling because under all but the most unlikely situations you don't risk losing your stake, and most people here have made money which does not apply at the bookies.

    Equally it's not as protected as investing in stocks and shares - the risk profile is higher.

    That's reflected in the size of my own investment - it's much more than I would ever 'gamble' in the traditional sense, but also a lot less than I might put into the stock market.

  • @Hint
    You knocked it on the head mate, totally a hybrid example.
    My personal view is that gambling is in majority a mugs game when you are literally set up to lose.
    Only things I flutter on is FI and Poker :-)

  • Any form of investing is gambling weather its classed as such or not. No risk = no reward!

  • @Ddr and I would :-)

  • @MrWh1te
    more people who join means more money coming into the platform, sure

    but if they can increase dividends yr upon yr like coca cola and ther mad sugary drinks which cause diabetes/obesity then you dont need more people joining as confidence will grow and more money continues to enter the platform.

    Obviously it wont be as much as the greatest growth, which i hope is still to come

  • Tell me that the stockmarket isn't a gamble when "investing" In a company. ? Hell, just look at the collapse over the last few months, in contrast look how FI have managed to keep afloat with FOOTIE still rising, all by placing 40%spreads onto their assets! Their stocks would of all but bottomed out if this hadn't been done and fair play to them!
    I say invest/bet as much as you can afford to (lose).
    I've always treated FI as a calculated investment due to my football knowledge,as I have a vested interest in doing so, like many others.
    FI has certainly made me follow the other top 5 leagues alot more and made me more knowledgeable in the process.
    As for the other thread on here, I say INVEST/BET as much as you can afford to lose on here.
    FI is a brilliant product and has potential to be absolutely massive, they have been cautious in their strategy to date and order books will be a game changer for the better in my opinion.
    To me, Its Still in its infancy with ridiculous room still to grow! Just a bit of positivity to the forum! Haters will always be haters! 🚀

  • @Splurger_Dan 100 percent, its not a normal job trading/investing/gambling

    time is money
    and here you are investing your money instead of your time

  • The stock market is a massive bet. I was told by a few friends that you stick your cash in the s and p 500 you will make at least 6% a year. I know all the big flaws in the stock market but I put £50 into the vanguard index tracking the s and p 500. I checked 2 days ago and my £50 had lost £7 in value and was down 14% in 5 months. Awful gamble as expected and that is with the federal reserve in American printing money and chucking it in the stock market.

    FI is definitely a bet but over the last few years it's been miles better than any gambling I have come across.

  • People say they invest in bitcoin make me laugh!! That is a massive bet right there.

  • @Tom7471 said in Invest/Gambling:

    People say they invest in bitcoin make me laugh!! That is a massive bet right there.

    Not really. I have quite a few crypto. They are an investment as you have them for life until you sell them of course, just like real shares.

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