🚨 GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 Questions please! 👇

  • This week I’ll be joined by @IndexPhoenix:

    • £100k + Port, £50k profit 💰
    • #FootballIndex trader since Jan 2019

    Any topics/questions please leave them below! 👇🙏

  • @The-FIG two questions (feel free to choose or dismiss).

    1. Enhanced Due Dilligence. With such a large amount of money invested in FI, has he had any problems with this? There have been some threads recently on the forum and Reddit about accounts being suspended. Has he experienced this, or was it straightforward for him?
    2. Again, with a large amount invested, does he ever feel anxious, particularly in relation to FI reiterating the "bet and not an investment" claim. The reality is that FI is somewhere inbetween so does he feel better regulation and rules for large sums of money are required, or a shift in policy?
      FCA approved maybe? What makes him comfortable with having so much money in FI?

  • If you have 1k to purchase one payer only who would it be and why?

  • @The-FIG

    Are you anticipating price volatility following the introduction of Order Books? Many traders are (sensibly) assuming there must be a long sell queue for players who have rapidly appreciated in value recently e.g. Bruno Fernandes, Neymar etc which may lead to a quite sharp drop in the immediate period following Order Book rollout.

  • Thoughts on no instant sell option?

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