Pb stats ...fishing into the unknown

  • Is there a website where u can check pb stats for players that play in non pb leagues
    For example if I would like to check trincao pb stats is there any way I can gather those informations ?

  • @R9inter you can use his break down for a given match, which is documented on sofascore in tandem with the actual matrix which can be found in the academy to come up with a pretty good estimate. A little bit of lateral thinking us required though

  • @MickTurbo I did think of that and already using that I was just wandering if I was missing on some site like the indexgain for non pb leagues that would be amazing if I was good enough to create a website I would definitely do that 😂would be very useful imo

  • @R9inter dont think theres anything specific for it but I've done quite a lot of work in this area and have been informed that I'm very closely aligned with ppl on twitter who do the same thing. Have you actually used this method?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @MickTurbo yes I try my best I just look at players like the Dutch league or Belgian and then have a look at theirs WhoScored ranking and try to get as much information as possible like passing accuracy tackles and assists and goals but I am still at the begin and I read your posts guys you ericali mrwhite and wolf and try to learn from you tbh sorry if I steal your experience 👀

  • @R9inter that's what the forums for chief. I really recommend using the sofascore breakdown tho.

    Tell ya what, was it Trincao u were on about? At some point tomorrow, I'll go to his latest 90 minute appearance, work out his PB using sofascore, u do the same and I'll DM ya so u can see how close u r to me

    Hopefully itll help u to learn about doing this yourself and having some confidence in your estimates. Probably worth screenshotting the matrix and flicking back and forth. That's how I got quite good at it. I need to blow the cobwebs on that particular part of my brain anyhow

  • @R9inter Indexgain have Optastats for non PB league players (and also those in PB leagues yet to be IPO’d)

  • @MickTurbo that sounds great let’s do that I can send it to you in the afternoon as I am at work in the morning

  • @R9inter yeh ok mate, I'm working anyway so I'll just find time at some point thru the day. Maybe you'll be pretty close but if theres a big difference we will work out where its come from. It's very useful to have the ability to do it I've found

  • @MickTurbo I just looked at his last match and I think he hasn’t done too bad at a first glance tbh
    But I will work it out properly tomorrow

  • @R9inter only played 72 minutes tho

  • @R9inter ok mate I'll find the match and we'll go for it

  • @MickTurbo hi mate i have done mine as accurate as i could , certain data are unclear or missing on sofa score anyway here it is and as trincao holder i must say that i am pleased it isn't the highest but it isnt bad at all really if he is a consistent player i think he has got potential

    shots 12
    big chance missed
    attempted dribble 5
    succesuful dribble 8
    shots on target 10
    winning goal 35
    goal 45
    foul won 4
    ball recovery 18
    aerial won 0
    last man tackle 0
    won tackle 4?
    interception 0
    blocked shot 0
    clearance 0
    tackle 3
    cross 6
    accurate long ball 6
    accurate through ball ?
    give away passes ?
    pass 21
    assist 20
    accurate cross 0
    big chance created 3
    key passes 6
    team win 18
    goal conceded -15
    foul -5 pb score 204

  • @R9inter oh i put the points next to each category

  • I think you're on the right track. The SofaScore data is decent and if you know what you're doing you can get Excel to do most of the heavy lifting for you in terms of creating an approximate PB.

    That said.... IndexGain has this data for non-PB leagues and even the free report on IG will show you average and top PB scores for players such as Trincao.

  • @SDB-Dunwell does it take into consideration league games or just European football ?

  • @R9inter I came up with 159. If were looking at the same game his goal wasnt a GWG. Also I think u may have forgotten to subtract the 10 for the big chance missed. If so that explains the difference. Not that difficult is it? Good effort mate

  • @MickTurbo yeah I think that’s where I went wrong , and no isn’t difficult at all I didn’t see that he missed a chance tho but I trust you on that one I think I will definitely keep hold of him and see what he will be like with Barca I don’t expect him to be a first choice straight away but you never know maybe he will get into that right spot in time

  • @R9inter looked back over your data and you've clearly got a good grasp mate. You should be able to assess players with plenty of confidence 👍

    One little pointer though. He had 21 complete passes which was 84%. We can therefore say that he had 4 uncompleted passes, known in the matrix as a 'giveaway pass' and costing -3 each

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