Fractional Shares?

  • I think (Just Like Robin Hood / Trading 212) Football Index could explode if they ever introduced fractional shares. So people can own top players in fractions and make their own (for want of a better term) ETFs.
    Maybe even Top traders will have their own ETF that you could invest in LoL.

  • Could come in with a decent divs rise.
    Divs would have to be able to be divided by same figure and still give out a whole penny.

    What's ETF?

  • @NewUser607503 I have to ask. Why would buying a Neymar for £8 be less attractive than buying a half for £4?
    We had all this pre share split. The premiums were pumped and then stagnated for almost a year afterwards.

  • @Timothee-Atouba smaller budgets want a piece but cant afford a whole?

  • @Timothee-Atouba And you can diversify your portfolio. I.e you want 20% of your money in Neymar and that might be 26.25 shares rather than 26.

  • Like holding shares in Berkshire Hathaway. That's a great idea, maybe football index could do random player winners and everyday give 5p worth of dividends picked at random to 5 different players everyday. Also maybe do tiered performance buzz, say payout 5 defender on game day instead of just one :-)

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