Dylan Levitt

  • I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on Dylan Levitt. I’ve watched him a few times over the last year an he looked excellent in the games I’ve watched. Great control and passing.

    A few articles out today saying he could get a look in next season & also will be a good shout for the euros with Wales.

    At £1.27 he looks like good value.... but is it a big risk when you can get seasoned players for less than him.


  • @Bezz82 not much above his IPO, and made 100 successful passes on his debut on a losing side in the Europa League. A fair bit cheaper than Jimmy Garner too. Should be a good one for the future. Depends if United bring in any more competition in midfield I guess. Can't see him pipping Bruno for div's too often but there's deffo a rise in him when he's named in the side again. I've got 400, may get more.

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