Are Forwards worth the gamble/inflated prices?

  • I'm getting the feeling goalscoring mids or high pass volume/accuracy mids are the safest bet to win any category. These players tend to play for the top top teams as well so less likely to be undone when the squad comes in. The strikers just seem to be a bit more of a lottery. And with the squad being introduced still so many Strikers out there I can see grabbing a brace every weekend. Going on last seasons Opta a little risky too as some clubs set ups have changed. E.g. Dzeko no salah and Roma haven't replaced well, mertens now competing with Milik, canvani competing with neymar, falcao competing with mpabbe etc...

  • @NewUser82193 for me high passing midfielders will always be beat by goalscorers (40 per goal) with squad coming in theres always going to be a goal or 2 from midfield which would beat kroos high pass rate.

  • But players like Thaigo for example have a 100-120point automatic head start. Going by last years Opta anyway. So they must be favourite by default. (Combination of passes completed, interceptions, likely win bonus etc..) On game days where there's only a handful of games he must be a huge favourite, even if there's 20plus games that game day and open to the squad probably needs more then one goal from a midfielder. Midfielders getting braces aren't too common

  • Three words- Kevin de Bruyne.

    He's going to be one of the highest scoring midfielders in Europe, both in goals and subsequently PB.

    Having said that, please don't buy him- I need his price to stay nice and low so I can buy more on the cheap and rake in the dividends :D


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