Do you own....

  • Koke, Kroos or Ramsey ??

    I own futures in all three and consider them a decent hold for the rest of this season as Koke and Kroos are playing for teams still in Europe (Triple PB) and Ramsey is in decent form and can be in line for a PB win when he assists and scores....

    Does anyone else own any of these three?
    What is your recent for holding them?

  • @AndyP32 I own all 3. Small holdings in koke and Ramsey. But 150 kroos

  • @Noirx4 125 Koke, 50 Kroos and 29 Ramsey for Koke more likely to win the PB in the EL than Kroos in the CL? what do you think?

  • i own a small amount of koke but 60 kroos. Really think he can win some PB and with WC coming up he is about to rise, specially with the whispers about transfers.

  • @NewUser138669 If Kroos gets anymore transfer news then he will easily go up 15p + CL and WC buzz wins then he will get close to £4....

  • @AndyP32
    Thats what i'm hoping for!

  • I have a few Ramsey. Think there's still some juice left, Arsenal should go through in EL and there's the contract/xfer spec. Genuine goal threat and therefore PB contender. Only box he doesn't tick is WC.

    I don't believe Wenger for a second when he says he's confident he will re-sign.

  • I’ve got Ramsey and decent profit on him too. Still playing in Europe, should still go to the semis and in with a shout for finals/winning EL. I’m surprised no-one else has mentioned him as for me, he’s one of my most profitable so far. Quite a bit of transfer spec a couple months back and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does leave. I think he’ll drop down before WC and especially if he does sign a new contract. So I’m gonna hold him for another month, sell him anticipating he drops and then maybe buy back in if it makes sense to do so (if he’s not signing a new contract once the WC has finished)

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