Son, Bergwijn & Kane

  • With these three confirmed as being back in training as far as I can see from the London Evening Standard report from yesterday, do we anticipate some rises now? I can see Bergwijn and Son in particular as being particularly undervalued as they are both well below their pre injury prices.

  • I like all three as long term holds for different reasons.

    Kane - PB/MB potential, may have one last big move if he can stay fit, Euros, World Cup.

    Son - PB potential and versatility means he’s likely to start most games.

    Bergwijn - Age means there’s decent potential for CA and likely to have transfer links within the next 3 years, Euros, World Cup. Needs a full season under his belt and to start adding PB.

    For me personally Bergwijn fits my strategy (and I do hold) being under 25 with CA/PB/transfer potential and likely to play at a number of major tournaments but I can see the merit in holding any of these guys.

  • Big fan of Bergwijn as a hold, think he impressed a fair bit considering how many injuries spurs had. Will benefit massively from players returning from injury and will only improve with age

  • I bought Son on the back of Kane’s injury and then he only went and broke his arm himself :-/ it’ll be nice if he had even such the smallest of raises as it’s quite painful every time I log on and see how much I’m down on him :-(

  • I’ve watched son for a long time just seems to only grow with platform growth never seems to rise from performance even tho he’s had a lot of good performances

  • In terms of Son he seems to be one of those players that isn't a good hold on FI despite being a good player, has returned minimal dividends, turns 28 in the summer and won't have the Euro's

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