Full history of dividends

  • Hi all,

    I'm really keen to get an understanding of what the dividend pay outs have been since Football Index started.

    I'm also keen to hear how the share split affected the structure of dividends? Has there only ever been one share split? Obviously, post share split, FI have to pay out twice as much in divs if they don't change the pay outs.

    If anyone has this info to share, I'd really appreciate it!


  • There has been one share split in my time (I joined summer 2018). I believe there may have been one before I joined.

    The share split was three-way. Media dividends on a Media day went from 8p/5p/2p to 3p/2p/1p for the top three places (but people's share quantities were multiplied by three so they weren't worse off). I think it was 12p for the best performer in each position on a triple match day before the split (and an extra 6p for the highest overall scorer) if memory serves me correctly.

    Dividends were given a considerable boost last autumn to their current levels and are expected to rise again before the start of the new season. I'd imagine that would take them to similar levels to what they were immediately before the last share-split with many people who have been here for a while probably owning more shares than they did at that time.

    Hope that is the sort of info you were looking for.

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