My Jhon Cordoba journey

  • I have just picked one player who I have recently bought to allow the newer players like me to follow.

    So, BL football is back. I had a month and a half practice on FI before MB dividends was the only thing to keep us interested.

    The week before BL starts I look at who I might buy and select a few players.

    Jhon Cordoba is mentioned on a thread so I do a transfermarkt and whoscored check for his stats and look at his FI graph's (all of them). I decided he is worth a shot for IPD's

    My FI budget isn't huge so we are not talking massive amounts, however I decide to invest in 30 shares at £1.00 each on 11th May 2020. He started going up and peaked at £1.11, on match day, which is a better % rise than any banks offer and also within a few days.


    I didn't cash in as he didn't earn any dividends and I have a minimum 20% cap app before I sell limit (which can be reviewed in some circumstances).

    He has now dropped to £1.04 after the big sell off from weekend footie, which is still a 4% rise in just over a week. I expect him to rise again as his next match approaches.

    My current plan is to sell him within the 30 day IPD window and leave with a good profit %

    I will let you know how I get on.

  • I did something today that I should have done before investing in JC and that is check how many games he could play in the 30 days and check the difficulty of the opposition.

    Well, he has played one game and has 4 more before he no longer qualifies for IPD's with the most difficult game against RB Leipzig.

    I am trying to work out when to exit. Please do not advise me though, I want to try and keep this thread going with no reply's and when I do exit I will then ask if you would have done the same.

    My current thinking is keep him until at least 7th June (last qualifying IPD game) and look to sell on 13th June when he could hit a peak if selected to play.

  • I couldn't help myself.

    The Matching Engine or Order Books was such a big introduction that I didn't fully understand, I was convinced I would not use it for a couple of months.

    But as I said, I couldn't help myself from trying it. And who better to try and practice on than my experiment Jhon Cordoba.

    He was flitting between £1.03 and £1.05 at the time so I put in an audacious bid of 98p. After this success I bunged in another mouth watering bid of 96p, also matched. It hasn't brought my average buy price down yet but I know I have a slightly better margin.

    I have bunged in another 96p bid for 2 more shares which are awaiting a matcher as we speak. So hopefully I am up to 35 shares of Jhon Cordoba by kick off.




    I am going to try and share my thought process as we journey together with my money.

    Koln play Sunday in the late kick off at 5pm He will probably start to rise in price prior to kick off so my current bids will be the last until after the game.

    My thoughts are as follows:

    "You need to score a goal, you let me down last weekend"

    "Ah, you have risen in cap app by 6%, if you could score a goal it would be great"

    "I am talking to myself but please, please have a good game, score a hat trick blah, blah, blah"

    The good thing is my doubts over the Matching Engine have been put to bed and I see that it will be staying with us (and rightly so in my opinion).

    Thanks for not replying to this thread, I will update soon.

  • I am not feeling very confident right now in this. He has scored a late goal but his price has gone down? I think I made a mistake buying him but I do have a strategy to exit with a profit of over 20%

    Things I am thinking now:

    Was my buy in of £1.00 too much for an IPD buy (probably).

    I may have to hold longer than I wanted to in order to get a respectable profit.

    He is not going to the euros next year and Columbia are unlikely to rip up any trees in the world cup. It is unlikely he will be in a European club competition next year.

    Despite this I will remain positive, he is 26 years old, can score goals. My plan now is to put in a few bids below my £1.00 initial buy in to reduce my average buy price.

    Please carry on NOT replying to the thread just yet. I'm sure the experienced heads are dying to give advice but it would be more beneficial to me and maybe other newer traders to see where this ends up.

    Stay safe, I'll update soon.

  • Pfffffff!!!!

    Not going to talk about the useless lump tonight. Thank f*** I have Bruno and Werner to mitigate my idiotic decisions to buy lemons!!

    Good night

  • It has been a few days since I updated here, JC is still very much in my thoughts but there was a lot of more important issues going on, on the forum and essentially this is just a bit of fun, follow the progress thread.

    So my plan was to use ME to buy a few of JC at a lower price to reduce my average buy price (ABC). Remember I started at £1.00 per share and bought 31.

    The good news is I have reduced the ABC to 94p per share, right result eh?

    What I didn't figure in was that the buffoon would reduce himself to almost my ABC.


    The good thing is, and please don't tell JC, the Matching Engine will be my way out with a profit.

    I have resigned myself to the fact the journey will be longer than originally planned.

    I have £1.05 in divs from him from a goal and an assist. However I have revisited my mistakes so far from this buy:

    1. Bought initially a few days before ME was introduced to FI meaning the market was a bit stagnant,

    2. Misread the graphs, he was on a peak, I thought he was progressing slowly upwards and a goal or two would increase his price at a spike.

    3. Probably many more mistakes.

    Anyway, I have now more than doubled my initial investment using the wide spreads to reduce my ABC. I am not using any of my own money to do this. I am using dividends earned to buy a couple of shares at a time to keep reducing the ABC.

    I will sell at a good profit - stay tuned and please don't reply

  • When I started this thread I didn't realise me and JC had been connected right near the start of my FI journey.

    I was browsing my trading history today as I have made a new spreadsheet to try and keep track of my activity on FI and this is a snip from my dashboard. I was only 22 days in to my FI account at this time.



    On 22 Feb 2020 I remember now. I had the BBC football site open and was checking the scores.

    I saw that an unknown to me player had scored a goal so I copied and pasted his name into the FI player search.

    I bought 1 share at 59p and watched as he shot up in value. He then proceeded to fly up, every minute.

    At this stage I was cautious about everything, I only had a couple of hundred quid invested. I was not active on the forum and hadn't heard of a flip but that is what I did. I can't remember how much more he went up when I IS'd after 6 minutes and 10 seconds.

    There is no point in moaning now wishing I had bought 50, 100, 500 shares. I was new and I can't change the past.

    Anyway, I digress. There was only one match today, in his last three games he has scored or assisted winning IPD. He is still falling in price.

    For now this has become a waiting game. I will not IS for sure. My dividend win tonight will allow me to buy 2 more shares on ME.

    Thanks again for not replying

  • He got injured and taken off, of course he is going to drop in price

  • @Cameron-Duffy

    Thanks @Cameron-Duffy please read all 8 posts including the several times I have asked people not to reply to this thread.

    Appreciate your input though.

  • @Kipper72 don’t post if you don’t want people to reply, it’s called a forum for a reason, I’m just going to keep on replying now so cheers for the heads up

  • I don't feed trolls. I will update in a few days time but @Cameron-Duffy please read the previous posts.

  • As there is a whole load of football coming up I will give a quick update on what is happening with me Jhonny Be Good before we hit all the gold match days.

    I started with 31 shares at £1.00 each. Have a look now:



    He now has dropped so much that I am having to either keep throwing money at him or sit it out and wait for the bottom end market to catch up.

    To be honest I have better players to invest in at the moment so he is seriously on the back burner. He only needs to drop a couple more pence and I'll be putting him on @Millerman 's thread -

    I will update further down the line - enjoy the non stop footie and hope you all make some good dosh.

  • @Kipper72 your guy is the top riser in the squad today

  • @R9inter Cheers mate - I had almost forgotten about him. He may grow with the index and eventually get into a profit.

    I suppose it is like the rest of the index, we will have to wait and see.

    Anyway, looks like JC will be my mate for a while yet.

    And as this stupid experiment was a failure please all feel free to voice your opinions and advice. Hope some of you enjoyed the thread for what it was.

    I'll let you all know when I get rid of the donkey!!

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