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  • We will get there in the end. Good job nobody is putting their day on hold hey? 😂🙈

  • @THFC1972 yes you do, as apparently you could end up getting the shares for cheaper than you offered, but you'll never pay more!

  • @Westy I’ve had the same mate. Got the email at 8.30am. Slightly different request to yours... I had to send bank statement and utility bill. Like you say, just can’t deposit or withdraw so trading should be fine. It did make my heart skip a beat though as I’ve kept £3k aside just in case...

  • @Vaughany I think you do the 50 shares in 5 players. The 300 thing is more to do with the average price that the seller receives, rather then an individual bidder needing to make up 300.

    For example if your bids were the only 50 bids in the system, the seller would see the price per share that you bid ( FI did say that in the event of there not being 300 bids they will make the average up based on what bids they have). If there was someone willing to IS 50 at that time your bid would get matched regardless.( if you reaaly were the only 50 bids in the system then as soon as yours got matched the IS price would just go to zero) If say another 250 bids came in then, those 250 bids and your 50 bids get grouped together and an average price is calculated over these 300 bids. The seller will then see this price in the IS box. Should they then decide to IS 300 shares ( for that avg price) and they looked at their transaction history afterwards, i suspect they would see 50 of the shares sold at one price (your bid) and 250 at another price ( whatever some other person/people have bid).

    But if the 300 bids got filled by two different people (two sellers), one wants 50 and the other wants 250, the same average price will be displayed to both sellers, but if they both checked their history, the person that bought the 50 shares would see a price slightly higher then average, and the 250 seller will see slightly lower then the average. If it were two people but all 300 bids went in at the same price, then both sellers would see and get the average price ( as displayed).

    So i think you put the 5 bids in on 5 players, because from your point of view what average price the seller sees is irrelevant, what is important is that your bids get matched at the actual value you set and the seller who hits IS gets that amount that you stated, which they would in the example above so the fact that your bidding for 50 rather the 250 should not matter.

    That's how i see it anyway

  • @Chris-C
    Thanks, that's helpful. I'll give it a go. I suspect it'll be trial and error initially for a lot of us.

  • @Vaughany

    No problem mate, yeah i guess the advantage of bidding in blocks of 300 is that you know for sure what the average you are offering, and so you could then have a definite place in the queue. If your bidding less then 300, then your average (based on your bid) might get contaminated with other values, so you might think that your in the queue at say 1.23 but in reality you might be in there at 1.24 or 1.22 depending on what amounts are bid around you, so your position n the queue is less certain. But i cant see that a penny or two will make much difference in wait times for bids to be matched.

  • Anyone else noticed that some players have the option to bid outside the “bid zone” of 60%?

    Some players are offering bids of at least 50% of their value

    For example the current buy price of Xhaka is 80p but I could bid 40p

    Mainly seems this has happened on squad players

  • Any player under £1 and you could potentially get more than 40% discount. Some at 60/70% on the lower end.

    The only problem is shifting them again if you needed to. I wonder if this is intentional by FI

  • @FI-Ads I found one who shall remained unnamed with a 60% bid zone. An aging squad player.

  • @FI-Ads they didnt say the bottom end of the bid zone would always be 60% of value thats why. They just said it would be around that mark and could vary between players

  • Not going to lie, had a mini heart attack. Placed all my bids then looked at my P and L it was down over 4k since this morning. Then realised it must be the open bids reducing it, I hope?......

  • @Splurger_Dan yes, when u have an open bid it removes the money from your account. if u cancel bid it goes back in

  • Anyone getting weird £NaN deposit message on certain players instead of the bid price? Is this an error or something obvious that I'm missing?

  • @inoffthepost I've had that error, just wait a bit longer and it will correct itself

  • Gotta say like, it's not the least but frustrating when you see the spread tighten right up on a trade you've been trying to get out of for months but basic functionality like cancelling a sell order just isnt there and now the price is gone 😫

  • @Vespasian32 couldn't agree more, I said pretty much this on here a few weeks ago, but I got crucified for it :,)

  • What happens when everyone wants to get out of a player? For example u have a 28yo player in PB league and he movers to USA or some other non pb league effectively rendering him worthless no one is buying so every person who owns shares is stuck with them indefinitely.....I can see a lot of dead money stuck in the index with no way of getting out?

  • @Don-keyballs
    Yes, that is it exactly, a lot of dead money.

  • Will it eventually be similar to betfair exchange as you cant see the highest bid unless you own the player, so can be a bit frustrating figuring out if your too low/too high?

  • @MrWh1te There is something about market makers in the new terms. I havent read it though, has anyone seen it?

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