• what do we see his price get to if he gets a regular run of games and scores?

  • The real question is. Does he get a decent run of games?

  • should be ahead of james anyway

  • I agree. And is a damn good player. I think he already has a lot of futureproofing built into his price though. Some more growth for sure. But I can't work out how much. Seems a bit of a mystery to me.

  • @Chickenman a great finisher yeah, with games and goals i dont see why he wouldnt be 10 pounds being so young aswel, maybe im completely wrong though as i just recently joined and learning

  • He already has big hype built in to his price and some hoping for a Euro call up prior too postponement so not sure. I think short term his price falls.

    However unlike most of the hype players these days I really do think he will live upto his hype. He has the potential to be one of the worlds best ams is just as good with both feet so he’ll score she’d loads of goals and be a nightmare for teams. I just don’t think much will happen until next year at the earliest. He certainly has a great future in the game.

    Yes I hold and am a United fan.

  • Personal non FI opinion- I think he's the most naturally gifted player to come out of the academy in a long time, physically isn't the best but doesn't seem to hinder him at all, similar to that of RVP in the sense he wasn't the quickest/strongest.

    In terms of FI, I think the best thing for him might be if United get the Europa league again as it'll give him more game time. I still think he'll make 30+ appearances next season and he'll only be 19. I'd be amazed if he isn't more expensive than he is now at the end of the 3 years, but I think for his price to really kick he'll need more of a role in the league which I'm not convinced will happen straight away. I think Ole has handled his situation perfectly, you had so many people on here calling for him to go on loan, 14 goals later, his decision is definitely justified IMO.

  • I don’t think he’ll ever get a chance at Man Utd. They are looking to get back to challenging for the league and I can’t see him over the next couple of years being that player to get them 20+ goals a season. They go for a top striker and he’ll be further down the pecking order. A move to Germany might be his best bet, maybe a swap deal for sancho

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    Is his decision not to send him out justified though?

    I think it was too soon to say that.

  • He's done very well and I think has a bright future but his price at the moment feels a bit too high as an entry point right now. If Utd opt for Ighalo on a permanent deal over a younger established striker, I think that would be great for Greenwood both in FI and non-FI terms.

  • @Magpie9 I mean United have a fantastic record of playing youth players and if they're good enough, they'll play. He's got 12 goals this season at an average of around 120mins I think, at 17/18. Also Dortmund asked for him as part of a Sancho deal last summer and United flat out refused it, that's how highly the rate him. I personally would be absolutely gutted if he ended up leaving due to United giving more minutes to James (I'm sure he won't leave but just saying)

  • I think the fact that the manager speaks so highly of him that there's no chance of him going anywhere other than first team football,also there are some players/ex players that have publicly said this kid is the best they have seen come through the academy in a long time.I hold him and believe he will rise in price next season and will make euro squad.

  • @MrWh1te just my opinion, I think he'd have learned far more about how to forge a career at Man United playing 36 games for them this season, than if he went and played for say Preston this season. As soon as he didn't start a cup game everyone was saying it's a joke he's not on loan, but IMO his first season has been a great success and not letting him go out on loan has been fully justified

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    I just think it is way too early to say that with any degree of certainty. It is pretty tough to judge.
    Kane - went out on loan a lot and now is England captain. Would he be a better player now than if he didn't go on loan.
    Greenwood, didn't go on loan and who knows how that will affect him?

    Would he be a better player for it?

    Paul Gascoigne, undoubtedly one of the best generational talents. Straight into the team. We all saw how that worked out. Had he had a Sir Alex type manager who could protect him more, would it have been different.

    I don't see Ole as able to protect players in the same way.

    My point is not that I think Greenwood is going to be a raving alcoholic or anything. It is to say that even with the full facts in front of us it is difficult to say what may or may not have happened.
    And as such, saying at 19 that his decision is justified is not a factual statement, in my opinion.

  • I don’t think they’ll let him go but I don’t think he’ll be the main man over the next couple of years. They’ll bring a big name centre forward in and greenwood will be on the bench in bigger games and playing when needed to cover injuries or cup game. He could still end up playing 20 games a season, but I don’t think he’ll really Start hitting his potential till he’s 21/22 years. By that time there will be a young lad called shola shoretire coming through and he’ll blow everyone out of the water

  • @Magpie9 can't see a big name striker coming in to be honest, although depends what qualifies as a big name. I reckon Greengoat remains as backup to Martial before inevitably taking his spot, sooner rather than later, at which point Tony prolly goes Arsenal or somewhere. Agree about Shola though, he's gonna be an interesting IPO, and should be some player when he grows up.

  • @chippy said in Greenwood:

    @Chickenman a great finisher yeah, with games and goals i dont see why he wouldnt be 10 pounds being so young aswel, maybe im completely wrong though as i just recently joined and learning

    It’s nothing to so with James, greenwood is a striker.
    James should be an impact sub or the occasional start as a winger.
    Greenwood should be doing the same as a 9.

  • I’ve been looking at Mason for a while now but as good as he is I look at players around his price and they just offer so much more value I still think he’s got at least another season coming off the bench yet ole really doesn’t want to push the pressure on him which is the right thing to do I’m a united fan and have watched this kid a lot but he seems to be better coming from the bench late on prob a lot to do woth his age I’m sure he will get better but I will not be pulling the trigger on him until I see signs of game time , especially if the sancho deal goes through that’s definitely going to cut some game time

  • @Lloyddavies I'm hoping that the Sancho deal will be a good thing for Greengoat. Yes, it will limit any potential opportunities on the wing, but I don't want to see him on the wing really. Could be a straight battle between himself and Martial for the number 9 role, hopefully with an Igahlo or similar providing a little competition. I think at least subconsciously, Ole would prefer the academy player long term, it just fits what the club does best.

  • @Jimbob agree mate just seems as though he likes that wide position and ole likes to put him out there with his versatility in his feet the wing is perfect for him , for the record I’d love to see him battle martial for the no9

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