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  • Just a little point of discussion.

    I’ve noticed before Covid and even now (last Bundesliga weekend) there are quite a few top flight footballers who aren’t on the index. I get that FI haven’t got the resources yet to create player profiles for every living thing in the galaxy, but I’m talking specifically about guys who’re starters for teams in the top 5 European leagues.

    Love FI and think it’s well done, but for me this is the one thing that lets it down. Wondered if anyone else agrees or am I being unfair?

    P.s Would rather not name these players names. I’m sure like a lot of you, I’m waiting for these player profiles - so I can invest before everyone jumps on the bandwagon

  • @NewUser569882

    I'm sure everyone here agrees with you. The problem at the moment is that they do not have a fair or reliable system for introducing new players to the market. We have been assured that they are working on a solution.

    So, instead of seeing this as a negative, focus on the positive aspect of it. If there are less players competing for PB on a matchday, then you have a greater chance of winning.

    Each and every new player that is introduced to the index will thereafter lower the odds of you winning PB/MB.

    Oh, and as for keeping that 'hidden gem' a secret .... you have no chance!! 🤣

    There are several guys on this forum that live and breath the game, be it the Belgian league or Andorran top division, very little gets past us ... 🤣😉

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