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  • I'm new to the site and trying to get to grips with causes for rises and dips in player prices. Is it a valid tactic to look to a game on the day and pick out someone you think might play well and try to sell during or after the game for a quick flip or is the market not that volatile?

  • @NewUser139728 it's one way but very risky strategy as you can see yesterday with how all the Barca players dropped like stones. Better off doing a bit of research and playing a slightly longer or much longer game but depends how much patience you have.

  • There are opportunities in play however you got to be very quick getting in and call the time to get out right
    As Steve mentioned is better to research and buy before games and perhaps sell at peak when they score/go up as a result of a good performance

  • It’s a risky tactic but my advice would be to get some small shares (like 1-2 shares so extremely low risk) and watch how their price varies. Research it and understand your tactics before you go all in

  • Thanks all

  • @NewUser139728 little extra advice on this strategy as others have already got the main points in, I would look ahead a week if you are going to target single game days. Quite often the rise will be more than the potential dividend so you can make more selling before the game than relying on the player actually playing well but if you buy on the day you can often miss most of the rise.

    For example I have seen a rise in Seri, who is a long term hold of mine, this week as Nice are playing Friday. (13p since Sunday)

  • @Ozzlebert although transfer links to Chelsea and united probably a large part of this. Just seen them.

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