Are many of you guys going to be selling tomorrow?

  • I have a list of players that have been making my portfolio look ugly for far too long. I will be accepting cheeky bids on the following
    Federico Fernandez
    Miguel Guerrero
    Matia Caldara
    And many others for sale :-)

    You guys got any you want to sell?

  • Add zielinski to the queue. He is the proverbial turd that won't flush

  • There’s a few that I’d consider selling maybe, but it depends more about if I am able to reinvest the money on someone else at a good price! Pulisic would be an example, sat on good profit and I’d consider selling but wouldn’t be against holding longer term

  • If anyone wants to DM we with a time and a bid at £2.30 or better for Cantwell I'll be interested


  • Every player I have left i'm selling although happy to wait to see if margins tighten so maybe not tomorrow. I sold up my port in the bonus period and am just left with the ones i couldn't shift!

    Will be making a few cheeky bids though

  • Selling no-one. From a football perspective there has been zero change

  • @ChazFI123 - What kind of figure would tempt you for Pulisic? I might be in the market tomorrow evening.

  • Hi Guys not really studied it in its full glory. Understand the buy bit (keep the prices down lads/lassies) - do I take it the sell is exactly the same???

  • @Frank-Mole-Pepys I’m not sure to be completely honest; maybe 10% off, but it really does depend on what it’s like when it comes to buying others! Unfortunately I’m busy from 12:30 for about 5 hours so I might miss a lot of the action, but definitely glad this is here and its another step in this FI journey!

  • I'll be at work when it launches but will have a look at lunchtime. I'm more likely to be buying rather than selling but I wouldn't recommend anyone selling much tomorrow; wait for a load of the bidding to be done, as I suspect most of the early buy orders will be at about 60% but that will narrow as more people get involved. If you want to sell that's fine, but you don't have to accept the first bid made!

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