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    Hi All, I was hoping one of you could enlighten me as to what this new engine will mean for the reserve price function.

    I'd previously listed a load of my players at some pretty low reserve prices so that they didn't end up being cut out of the sell queue, this was done on the understanding that when they did reach the front of the queue and find a buyer they'd be sold at the standard 'Buy' price.

    Will that still be the case when the new engine is up and running? I'm a bit concerned that as soon as the engine is back up and running I will end up losing quite a few investments at a considerable loss. I had intended to delist these players just before the engine was to come in, but didn't look at FI all day yesterday and woke up this morning to find that the arrival of the new engine is immanent...

    If someone could help with this it'd be greatly appreciated.

  • I'm only guessing - assuming really - but if your sell list stays active then the shares will be available for someone to nab at the price you listed them for....or the low reserve you entered.

    All depends if someone else sees those players as a bargain and / or how quickly you can log in and de-list them

    Not sure that helps but I bet there are others in the same boat

  • @Munchie63 I see, thanks for your help. I'd best be quick come 3pm then

  • @NewUser201907 said in Question about reserve price...:

    @Munchie63 I see, thanks for your help. I'd best be quick come 3pm then

    LOL more like 5pm I think form the delays

    There was a bit of a question about FI re-setting all the sell lists. I dont think they have as it would punish those who have had players listed longest.

    All you can do is keep an eye on it

    good luck

  • @Munchie63 Yeah I managed to pull them all off the market in time. Not too sure what the new engine will mean strategy-wise for the short-mid term future, so decided that the best thing to do is probably do nothing. Seems the market is trending up atm anyway...

  • @NewUser201907 I think they'll be safe. As I understand from FI's communications, only the instant sell function will sell to bidders. The sale queue only applies to new shares bought at the buy price. I could be wrong though and this is likely to change when the full system is implemented.

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