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  • I’m sure it’s been mentioned before but just a word of warning when selling batches of 300 shares using IS:

    We all know the price you see is the ‘average price’ of the 300 highest bids for that player. But when I was trying to sell a low value player his buy price was 47p and IS price was 45p. I thought I would jump in and sell the whole 300 at 45p average. However when I clicked up to 300 shares the balance it showed that I would get from the sale was only £95 which is just 31p per share. Certainly not the 45p a share it said. As it turned out only 2 shares sold for 45p. As soon as I sold those 2 shares the IS price plummeted to 25p. Anyone else had a similar experience and almost got burnt? Had I just clicked through and sold the lot I would have lost about £45!!!

  • @OldhamSam
    i suspect there is something wrong there as the IS price shown should be the average value of the top 300 share buy prices?
    So in your case it should have been something like

    100 @ 46
    100 @ 45
    100 @ 44

    probably worth raising with CS

  • @OldhamSam looked at this earlier on a couple of players and found when you go to sell the shares click the shares up 1 by 1 and you’ll see the price changes think the ones I looked at started getting cheaper after the first five shares so again if not looked at properly you end up fucking yourself over without realising. Glad you’ve brought it up so other traders are aware.

  • Paulinho being dumped- guess cos no game time and competing with pb mids at the club... But if Havertz leaves....

    Got some at 1.90
    More cheaper bids in ready to mop up.

  • @Westy Paulinho being dumped ? Down 0.13%.

  • @osmanlao said in ME bids accepted:

    @Westy Paulinho being dumped ? Down 0.13%.

    Market price was 2.29, someone accepted 1.70 and 1.90 off me, I'd call that a dump, down 25%ish. You need to ignore the fake prices and look at the IS prices now, see comments in the FOOTY down thread

  • @Carboney yeah I’m now doing the same. If I see IS at say 50p I try to sell 100 and double check it says £50 before clicking sell. Bet loads have got burnt today from this oversight and FI need to ensure it is an ‘average’ not just the highest price someone has offered as that could be literally 1 share with the rest much much lower as is the case now.

  • @Westy I would call the person that sold at 1.70 & 1.90 a plonker.

  • @osmanlao said in ME bids accepted:

    @Westy I would call the person that sold at 1.70 & 1.90 a plonker.

    Not everyone's situation is the same tbf

  • Anyone know why the kid ain't starting? Surely make sense to put him up front and play havertz bit deeper

  • @Advinculas-Index Yeah i get that.There is always someone going to gain at someone else expense.None of us are any different.There will be plenty of poaching going on after games.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser said in ME bids accepted:

    Anyone know why the kid ain't starting? Surely make sense to put him up front and play havertz bit deeper

    Havertz is running the show where he is and Volland to come back. I think Paulinho will take over the Havertz role if he goes. So I can see why someone might choose him as a player to get money out of, but also I see long term value

    Think it's these sort of players you will find deals on, ones that have no current or short term value.

    So far I've got Neres and Paulinho cheap. Neither in euros, neither playing for pb now... Dead money to short termers.

  • Getting a bit of joy with Cyprien at £2. More so than most other similarly sensible bids I've got in

  • Got 5 x Andre Onana @ 28p yesterday.

  • 105 of 260 ordered in philipp max at 1.17

  • @MickTurbo

    I think many users will be looking to exit several Ligue1 based players, as their league has been 'completed' and therefore won't play any more PB eligible games. That being said, it could create potential bargains for the patient/long term trader.

    As for the French teams still in European competition, Lyon and PSG etc ... good luck trying to compete against Bayern Munich or any other team that has had a 2/3 week head start of playing competitive football.

  • @johnboywalker yeh to be honest I started off with a £1.70 bid thinking I may be able to get in really cheap. Unfortunately, and I will just never learn, I didnt have a cash balance when ME first went live so I missed all the trapped money. I bet ppl got mega discounts on Ligue 1 players in the first hour

  • This post is deleted!

  • bought 5 Caglar Soyuncu at 0.96 last night

  • @MickTurbo @johnboywalker
    Yeh, this was my thinking and I focussed on a few Ligue 1 players on Friday afternoon.

    Managed to pick up some Cornet at 91p, Dolberg at £1.06, Thomasson at 52p and Hamari Traore at 28p. No luck with the Bundesliga players initially as I was obviously going in too low on the bidding so happy to have a bit of luck with Ligue 1.

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