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  • Looking to buy
    Pedrinho £0.88
    Steven Alzate £0.72
    Giacomo Bonaventura £0.38

  • Anyone got any halstenberg, wolf, lamer, tah, witsel Emre can, forsberg or akieme, thanks

  • selling Akanji.... x50 (76p)

  • Selling 50x Tanganga and 100x Louis Beyer if anyone is interested?
    Also looking to buy Luis Suarez, Marcos Acuña, Jesus Corona and Joao Moutinho for as cheap as possible?

  • I see people on there saying “I’ve got ...... for sale at £2.50 DM me if interested” does this mean you you can directly sell to somebody? Can someone explain how this works?

  • @Lovenkrands easy mate, I've done it today. U agree a price with the seller, then tell him just before you're gonna place the bid. The very nature is that you'll be improving on the current best bid anyway, otherwise you wouldn't receive the shares, so usually this will move the displayed IS price at least a little bit unless your buying a nominal amount, so as soon as the seller sees that change, he can click on IS, enter the agreed amount, quickly check the buyer has been as good as his word, and then hit 'sell'

  • @JonesyFI-WH sorry to disappoint mate , I don’t know nothing new apart from the links he had in may with Lille , I want him just as a punt as if he gets to a pb league should have more exposure and possibly a bit of cap app but nothing new

  • @MickTurbo thanks for explaining! I can understand the benefit to the seller, it bumps the Instant sell price up a little. But what is the benifit of the buyer? Even without the ‘advertised’ offer, If the buyer is putting in a strong bid above the instant sell price, he is going to get a matched bid very quickly

  • @Lovenkrands not necessarily. I've had bids in recently that I thought would be snapped up and haven't. I've bought a player today from one of the forum guys. Before I saw his post I had been market buying at full price as shares I had listed were selling to give me a cash balance. I had quite happily bough over 300 at full market price and was gonna continue to do so right upto 500. But we quickly arranged that I would buy his from him at a slightly reduced price as and when the necessary cash became available to me. Over the course of this afternoon we completed the deal. I made a slight saving for what was realistically no effort at all, and he has now liquidated the cash in a player he wanted out of so were both happy

  • @MickTurbo I just had a look at player splits and some are much closer than I thought so you are right it does make sense on these players that don’t have many shares available for market orders. But for large slit players I guess it isn’t effective

  • @Lovenkrands exactly. How I look at it is this, if a player has a very tight spread it means hes in demand so it will generally be worth market buying rather than dangling a carrot because may not get the bite and meanwhile his market price may very well take off. In this case it's definitely worth coming to an arrangement with a seller, should you find one as I have done today, but probably better to market buy than to speculatively bid in the hope u may save a penny or 2.

    We also discussed another player but did not come to an arrangement on this one because he had a much wider spread so in this case I'm happy to dangle a carrot at a relatively low price because the wider spread, coupled with what I know to be less favourable real world circumstances in the shorter term, lead me to believe that I can just let my relatively low ball bid sit there for a while and be fairly confident that this player will not rise significantly any time soon, and that at some point, somebody else will accept that bid.

  • @R9inter no worries pal. He's not a name I hear often on here so was hoping you had some goss!! He did have links to Germany (Hoffenheim if I remember correctly) so hopefully he gets a PB league move in the summer :)

  • Anyone selling piatek? Just bid for 250 at 95p

  • Anyone selling mckennie ? I will have 300 please

  • @R9inter said in Sellers name your price:

    Anyone selling mckennie ? I will have 300 please

    Would you like sprinkles and a cone on that?

  • @Advinculas-Index 🤣 if you don’t ask you don’t get

  • Anybody want to buy anymore Conor Coady's ready for next Saturday?
    330 futures available

  • Looking for the following;-

    80 x Domenico Berardi at £1.85
    20 x Bernardo Silva at £2.10
    20 x Ismaila Sarr at £2.16

    Bids are up if any takers cheers.

  • 241 Chouiar up for sale if there's any takers
    Want 2.27

  • Bid in for 500 Cherki at £4.25 any takers?

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