Your Initial Thoughts On The Matching Engine?(Poll)

  • Penny for your thoughts.

  • Bloody brilliant!

  • Too early to make any fair judgement so voted undecided for now. Can’t really tell until all those desperate to get their money out have done so and for some more leagues to start playing.

  • Its going to be fantastic. Ive not done much buying as im going to let things settle. It can feel a bit overwhelming scrolling through players and calculating spreads on top of checking graphs for trends

  • It's got to be a positive for me. I'm sure there may have to be an adaption to trading strategies to truly benefit. It's real move of the goal posts but it looks to have given us greater control of our ports. Movement between players has to be easier. It's too early to make a definitive statement on it but it does feel to have added a positive dimension to proceedings.

  • @Coleyscrooge im with you

  • I like what I've seen so far. Looks like it was worth waiting the extra five hours!

    Just a bit concerned about what we can do if we have players who suffer a terrible injury, unexpectedly retire or whatever. Are people better off investing less than before in individual players i.e. spread the risk?

  • Liquidity liquidity liquidity ... brilliant !

  • @King-Fergus You pissed yourself again?

  • It’s brilliant but throw in commission and being the seller...

    Got to make the most of buying now!

    As long as these players do what we want... go up in demand and therefore price then great.

  • Bargains galore at the moment but this will dry up over the coming days and weeks

    The platform earlier was like a Christmas tree for hours

    Well done FI.. You did very well with this launch

  • @Boris999 Have a well-diversified trading plan and stick to your plan for long term gains

  • Im finding it hard to believe there was that much free money or new money to create all those buy orders at those prices. Im not prepared to sit with buy orders open at times i cant watch what going on very closely, those spreads are tight enough that plenty will get burned upon a sudden price drop for whatever reason. Doesnt look like many buyers have set prices that will protect them very well, confidence in that platform must be at an all time high

  • @Black-wolf
    I cant believe that Haaland has a 2p spread at the moment!! i suspect that the spreads will spread out a bit as we get closer to when we start paying commission.

  • @Dalian-Smith I think its quality, I appreciate there is a certain bubble about it because it's something new but so far so good. It's good to remember it's only profit once sold but people are buying players tonight based on scoring/assists or scores. Seems alot of negativity towards FI recently and forgetting what this great platform has made them money wise. There will be ups and down but let's enjoy the ride πŸ™ˆπŸ»πŸ»πŸ’ΆπŸ’Ά

  • Voted for like it but it would be love if potential buyers were getting within 5-10p off the buy price so that I would actually use it 🀣

  • I think today's been a shot in the arm for FI after an indifferent last few weeks. I did fear the worst with the initial delays but since the launch it appears to be very well recieved from the results of the poll.

  • Good day.FI have come up trumps yet again.

  • Good start. Just need something similar for the selling process. Even better when we can see prices and quantities being offered to buy and sell.

    Look forward to these features being added. But chapeau for first stage.

  • It's pretty much everything I expected, having used Betfair before.
    I've been excited by the prospect of this addition to the platform ever since it was mooted almost 2 years ago.
    Very pleased it's here (in part)

    The genuine interaction trading/betting between fellow members rather than the bookie is something else.

    And the fact I put a post saying "anyone want a few Kimmich for 3p more than current IS?" and a deal was done in seconds is just bloody beautiful (although someone saw my post and gazumped the buyer I'd agreed the sale with πŸ˜†πŸ˜† but even that little twist I love!)

    FI is so much more INTERESTING now. It's not JUST about making money

    Love it!

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