• Here's a quick question for the seasoned (or not) investors... If Juventus repeat the feat of Roma last night with an epic comeback, how quickly will Dybala bounce straight back from his big fall after the first leg?!

    The volatility on the market is insane this week - everyone must literally be glued to multiple screens tracking every pass!

  • Every Juve player will jump for sure if they go through, that includes Dybala offcourse

  • @Ermejo - Given that he has made a partial recovery - Do you think he will surpass his previous value?!

    Considering topping up - but a little voice in the back of my head tells me to hold off...
    (Probably the wife) ;)

  • Honestly don’t own him and only time will tell for sure!
    I can’t see Juve completing the come back and Juve players should therefore see a small decrease (getting knocked out is already priced in after the first leg I would think?)

  • @Jay-Frazz My impression was that he got hit particularly hard in the sell off because in addition to the result his WC squad place had been cast into doubt and he signed a new contract which quietened transfer rumours. Plus even if they make it through he'll have two fewer potential CL games than before the QFs. So on that basis I'd be surprised if he jumped back as high as he was before. But honestly anything could happen!

  • @BL__FI - Ah right - i didn't realise that he signed a new contract too.

    It's a good point. I think there may be better investments elsewhere then...

  • @Jay-Frazz Don't quote me on the contract thing, I may have misremembered as not being keeping a close eye on him anyway, but I seem to recall it!
    Edit: Nothing about a renewal on his Transfermarkt page so maybe I did imagine it! Still not convinced it's the best moment to buy more though ...

  • Rumours of a Liverpool move so he could rocket

  • So a decent recovery for Dybala - and seems to have held! :)

  • His one missing off fi

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