How Likely Are You To Invest In Top Premium Players With The New Matching Engine(Poll)

  • With spreads closing at the top end of the market(I'm talking the top 50 players) has there ever been a better time to invest in the top end of the market. Will you be investing or are you wary of what might be round the corner? All thoughts welcome.

  • I'll be buying neither of them like but I think 'premium' is a broader term than 2 players. My 2 big dogs are an even better prospect now

  • @MickTurbo Sorry I was using them as an example. I had in mind maybe the top 50 players. I didn't have particular players in mind. I'm more interested to hear the mindset now when it comes to the big price players. I'm wondering if this could set us on a course for another £20 player.

  • Bar sancho I’m inclined to going heavier now then I would have pre matching Engine,in the likes of Bruno Haaland , TAA, Kane as examples ... rather proven performers then say likes of greenwood and sancho who I can’t say represent value to me.
    All in all working as I expected, narrowing of the spreads in top 50 is very encouraging and a timely boost to the platform
    All good from my perspective .

  • The tight margins are a confidence boost for everyone. Unfortunately they will widen when the commission comes it which will take away some liquidity. I hope FI have looked at cancelling the buy commission as having free commission on buy trades is really helping the platform imho.

  • 0_1590221670134_Screenshot_20200523-091403.png
    Going into today's Bundesliga fixtures Haland is only a 9p spread. But it's not only the very top benefiting from shorter spreads. Bundesliga flavour of the month Mateus Cunha has only a 5p spread.

  • @BMCG think value will come into it alot. Sterling 5.73 odd and bernardo silva 2.02. Yes sterling gets more goals and the odd media, but both get the same dividend payout like every player on the platform. If sane goes bernardo price rises. I may be wrong and people probably disagree but thats all cool!

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