Credit due where credits due

  • In the title really, this is a big step forward in my eyes, it was implemented excellently, the first 5 minutes the app froze a few times but the traffic was crazy. This has been right up there with my most fun days on FI, looking at some of other people’s purchases it looks as tho plenty of other people have had a lot of fun and grabbed themselves a bargain, and managed to get out of trades and shift their money elswhere. All in all good for everyone and the market, viva la Football Index 🚀

  • Just wish I had 10K to spend

  • A good day, well done FI. My portfolio is at an all time high, very happy with my one successful bid, spreads have narrowed and trading has commenced again. Bring on the weekend football! 👏👏👏

  • I previously said I would sit back and wait to see what happened but couldn't help myself reduce the average buy price on Kane, Sensi and Savanier. Got a few bargains there.

    Quite an extraordinary day but good fun.

  • I've had a cracking day so far ... 👍

    Juan bernat 70p (buy now 83p)
    Griezmann £2.00 (buy now £2.33).
    Sarabia £1 (buy now £1.15).
    Tollisso £1.33 (buy now £1.52)
    Bernardo silva £1.90 (buy now £2.01)
    Jorginho £1.40 (buy now £1.67)
    Morata 71p, (buy now 88p)
    Angel Correa 69p (buy now 88p)

    Didnt think I'd see a day like this on the index ... bargains galore! 😍

    Hopefully you guys have managed to get some good deals too! 👍

  • I sold 25 Morata's today for 71p.....enjoy them mate !

    I can see him being maybe £1 and he still has CL, but holding 25 was essentially pointless and I bought at his peak anyway. Went straight into Hakimi but glad you've got a bargain !

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